Sunday, May 25, 2014


This week has been a challenge in that it has been hard work without
too many results but with some TIGHT miracles to finish off the week.
I'll tell you about them, don't worry

This week we also had a meeting with elder Ballard. Yeah, the one from
the twelve. So that was pretty cool. Three missions got together and
had the opportunity to get some counsel from the big man on campus. He
pulled some "general, authority" jokes about being a general authority
and as the cool kids say--spit some mad truth. He said many things
that were impactful to me and gave specific counsel on how I can
change and be a better but more importantly than that is the spirit
that is brought about when we have the opportunity to hear from anyone
who has keys for us, as we say so much. I had some of the same
instances I will explain recently with the area seventy for our
region, my mission president and my bishop.

During the meeting I was sort of in a thoughtful state where deep
reflection about every thing started going on, and eventually after a
little time the revelation tunnels started to open up and goodness
started seeping into me. Along with a few other experiences I have had
recently I have really been able to recognize how God communicates
with me on a very frequent level. It isn't always in the way I want
right now, but it is communication. I am really grateful I am figuring
that out. I am also just really figuring out missionary work. I think
I really know now exactly how I should do it. Recently with my efforts
to get there I have just scraped the surface on what I can work on but
have gotten soooooo much better.

So cool stuff. The cool part is the chain reaction. Last week I felt
like I should call the assistants to do exchanges with us, because
having started from scratch have been struggling to get things going,
especially because we have been asked to focus so heavily on members,
whom we don't know... So elder Macias, who has served in this area
before swapped with elder ladewig. While here he was here he felt like
we should visit this random less active guy who didn't have much to do
with what were doing, then another random day I felt we should go and
visit him. His house was way out of the way but we went anyways, we
found an awesome family then and set a return appointment. We went
back for the return appointment and they had bailed... That was a
bummer but in return we met a kid who is so prepared it is crazy. He
is ready for the gospel and has already started reading. I am excited
to watch him progress.

So that is most of what is going on. 


Monday, May 12, 2014

Answering Mom's Questions

1. where's your new area
- I am now living in Manassas VA. I think I am officially in the
South. I am definitely as far south as my mission goes. It is a lot
more rural than I ever thought when I first read my mission call and
it said Washington, D.C. But it is still great here. The members are
tremendous and there are so many active strong families, many of them
converts of not much time. That is absolutely tremendous to see and
experience. We cover Manassas, Gainesville, Haymarket, Bristow,
Warrenton and a number of other small towns that dot the countryside.

2.who's your companion
- That is a little bit of a funny story, do you remember the picture I
sent when we were a threesome? That was an abnormality to begin with
and happened a week after transfers because of an emergency of
someone going to the hospital and then being released from his mission,
the white guy (Elder Ladewig) had to be transferred. I stayed and
finished off Bella vista with Elder Ruiz (the Mexican). Crazy thing
is, I was put back with Elder Ladewig! So now we are both here serving
in The Sudley ward.

3. what is your address
-not sure yet, I'll figure that out... Found it! 10831 Gambril Dr
apt#33, Manassas, VA 20109

4. what is a normal day schedule
There isn't really  a normal schedule. Every day is crazy different.

5. what do you eat for breakfast.
- My exact breakfast routine varies but ingredients include LOTS of
oatmeal, grape nuts, peanut butter, chocolate chips, apples, bananas,
spinach, carrots, other spring greens, tortillas, egg whites, ham.... I
think that's about all--I think. I'll let you know. I am always up for
suggestions on healthy quick breakfasts. Ask Grandma, she will know
how to get me to like kale for breakfast.

6. what do you eat for lunch.
- A combination of the same, though I add a lot of chicken. I like wrap
things and will be starting to eat burgers because we have a ton of
frozen fancy ones in our freezer. I am also going to try and find a
grill. That will get me stoked.

7.what do you eat for dinner
- The best thing is when we eat at members houses. In Bella Vista that
doesn't that often, but here it does. It is awesome to build
relationships and get things done

8. who does the dishes.
- Here we both do them, though in the past I usually have done them
because I can't stand a stack of dishes. I like things CLEAN. Crazy
right? The place I live in is a wreck and I am trying to get through

9. do you still ride the bike.
- No, I actually gave it away. On conditions that I get the frame back
so I can build a bike for my wife out of the mission frame. On the
bright side we have real spinning bikes in our gym now so I am going
to be doing that a few times a week. Having a gym makes my short
confined exercise time sooooo much better.

I am really excited to serve in this area. It has not recently seen
very much success, but Elder Ladewig and I are pumped to get it back up
and running. I will keep you updated on the progress.

Funny thing--being out here in the country has been much much
different. It is really a different mental state. I miss the hustle
and bustle but at the same time I love the solitude (in comparison). I
am going to have to find out how to juggle that balance when I decide
to live somewhere.

Anyway, I loved the pictures, and I hope you loved some of my answers.
Tell everyone I love them!


HERE IS MY BACKYARD. Notice the deer and forest, I am not in Kansas
anymore, well more like I am back in Kansas.