Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Week of July 21

One of the highlights of this week is that while we were in one of the
more run down neighborhoods of our area we came across a gold
convertible mustang with a large body kit. It was just one of "those
cars." We were kind of chuckling on the way past it, and then we saw
it. There is this specific passalong card with the resurrected Christ
on them that missionaries use a lot and that Hispanics seem to love.
The owner of this ghetto mustang had one taped to their dashboard
right next to the speedometer, we lost it. It was too good to be true.
We ended up writing him a little note offering him a new card and told
him we would love to help him come closer to Christ. We lifted up his
rag top and slid it in to the cabin. I really hope he calls us.

We have been working really hard to day and finally are on our way up.
We are finally progressing. We talked to tons of people this week and
desperately tried to work with, through, and serve members.

I have been working as hard as I can to be diligent in my studies and
work ethic so that I can continue to progress personally even if those
around me don't want to accept it. That is the interesting thing about
missionary work. Agency is everything. First comes mine, which is
whether or not I am obedient, study like crazy and am diligent in my
work and then there comes whether or not people want to accept what I
have to say. I have learned a lot recently about how faith or belief
is justified by works. I knew that before, but I really get it more.
The way I pray with more faith is how I act on what I say I will do
and how I show God that I am ready for the answers or the specific
things I ask for or need. I have become a much better doer of the word
as opposed to just a hearer of the word. I have realized that I will
be a doer for the rest of my life.

I know that God is aware of us and our efforts. I think that he really
does have a specific knowledge and concern for all of our struggles
and desires. I receive answers to my prayers and I know if others pray
with faith they will receive the same.

You guys are amazing!


Elder Bigelow

PS This is what my morning looks like:

Week of July 14

Sorry if the amount of writing is below normal. I spent a lot of time
reading and reflecting about what you sent me dad. Thanks for that, it
was great to think. I spend A LOT of time thinking and studying, but
getting some new meat to chew on was helpful. It is wonderful to see
how faith can wax unbreakable while room for exploring concerns and
doubts is allowed. It seems my journey of faith throughout this life
will be an interesting one.

But, adventures are great.

We have had many successes and many failures; both to be learned from.
It feels like we are in that one scene in Star Wars where our giddy
group of heroes are thrown in to the trash compactor and it slowly
collapses while the fight the weird worm thing. They tried everything
they could but nothing could stop their imminent death. I kind of feel
like I am kicking at a slowly collapsing wall of steel whose force
cannot be stopped. The good news is I know I have divine help. All
that needs to happen is for us to be lead to that one prepared person
whose prepared family is waiting for the gospel. There is power in
one. I just have forget about collapsing walls and work. One person
outside my predicament can stop the machinery that's eagerly trying to
stop me. (I don't exactly remember how the get out in Star Wars, will
you let me know)

I will let you know who we find this next week.

I love all the pictures from Jackson. Is Julia at girls camp now? It
looks like they both loved their horse riding time. Are you guys home
from Jackson yet though? If not, when is the date? I seriously get
more and more pumped to spend more time there with every picture I

I will continue working hard and share the belief I have in my father
and in Jesus as the Christ. I will talk to as many people as I can to
try and find the one. You guys keep sharing what you got!


Elder Bigelow

PS Loving my sandwich

A local Elder headed for the MTC

Week of July 7

I have loved hearing about all the friends, family, food and
adventures in a familiar home away from home. It looks like this trip
is shaping up to be one of the best ones yet. I hope that next year
you stay for three weeks again, then maybe I can come up and visit
twice. Whatever happens I am coming with.

-This week it POURED RAIN. We said as we got out of the car, "lets go
get persecuted in the rain!" because that is what Elder Ballard said
is the best response when he visited our mission a little while ago.
We went and tracted for about an hour and everything that was not
waterproof became completely saturated with water. Even with the rain
we were not able to get into anyones house which was unfortunate, but
soon we will find our family that is ready to be baptized. That is
what I pray for all the time. I want to find, teach and baptize a
family. I have not been able to do that in my mission yet. It has only
even been parts, or loose ends of families. I want to bring an entire
family the Gospel.

-The chocolate bar you sent is quite delish. The whole coconut thing
going on is a great compliment to the dark chocolate. I will love
trying to be a foodie guy when I get home. Here I do the best I can,
but compared to everyone that we eat a variety to vegetables is a
weird things. While on exchanges Elder Macias and I went to a
greek-american fusion restaurant which was way good. I think I like
Mediterranean food, well it makes me feel really good at least. I need
to get over this milk allergy thing I have got going, it ruins

It is interesting for things to be a little bit on repeat as far as
the mission goes. I just had my second and last Fourth of July. I am
walking around in the hot outdoors daily, for the second and last
time. The most odd of all, is that even though it is many months away,
I quickly and surely close in on the time I have left here on my
mission. I will be ready for it to end when it comes(i think). But I
sure do not want it to be over tomorrow, nor next month. I have to
much to become and to much to learn to just be done now. I want to
bust my butt to keep changing. I am pretty sure I have said it before,
but I will say it again. I think the biggest way I have changed is
that I want to be more like Christ. I want to become a better person,
I see in a much more achievable vision of who I want to become. Before
that wasn't always apparent in my life, but now I think it will be

That is one of the things I love about the pureness of the Gospel. It
paints the vision for what is ahead of us. It then often shows us what
to do to get there.

peace out, enjoy the great out doors and do stupid things.


Elder Jonny Bigelow

Week of June 30

You are off!! I am pumped you are on your way to Jackson, boy do I
miss those mountains, all mountains really. I was showing a family
pictures of mountains and the snow from June. They were firstly
flabbergasted at the prospect that it could have snowed in summer and
secondly at the enormity of our little Rockies. It is always to swap
memories with people who are also so far away from their real home. It
seems to me everyone makes sacrifices for things they love. We talked.
Lot about that this past Sunday. I had the opportunity  of teaching
gospel principles  this week. The teacher was going to be out of town
so who do you call? The missionaries! It was good, though kind of
scary to start. The lesson was on tithing, and paying a full honest
one to boot. The part that made it a little sketchy was that right out
of the gates is a rather recent convert asked, "so are you saying that
because I am a single mom of 3 children with limited work
opportunities and I pay what I can I am not honest with God?" In my
mind I said, shoot, I'm dead. I told her that we are going to talk
about the importance of exercising faith in god through exact
obedience and that she should think about her question and that we
will discuss it later. It was most certainly a panicky run on sentence
when I said it. She said okay and we moved into a actually very
powerful "platica" about exercise faith through the paying of tithing,
and how really it is more a principle of faith as opposed to something
just concerned with finances. The most impressive part was that many
of the most impactful experiences and testimonies were from converts
who had many of the same questions. On top of everything, one of our
investigators whose largest obstacles was tithing came to me three
times throughout the day to tell us how good the lesson was. That was

This past week has been a breakthrough for me in a couple of ways. One
of the main ones has been my ability to recognize the spirit. I have
seen a noticeable difference in how I feel while I teach and when I
pray. Before I felt like I was I was grappling at smoke with slippery
hands, but now I catch hold to something now and again, and it is
consistent. That is the best part. Before it was now and again, now it
is every few days. That is the best divine help I could imagine. I
deeply appreciate the hand of God in my life.

I think that writing has helped me A LOT. I have been writing in my
journal again, and consistently. Reflecting on my experience through
deep thought has changed how I remember things. The more I think about
that it reminds me of how often the scriptures tell us to remember.
This life is all about remembering what we have received. I think that
is why God hasn't given me more, I would just forget. Ha, funny how
things work. I love where I am and where in am and where I am going.

I am struggling in many aspects as you would expect, because who
wouldn't be. I, however, am confident in who guides me.


Elder Bigelow