Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Week of July 14

Sorry if the amount of writing is below normal. I spent a lot of time
reading and reflecting about what you sent me dad. Thanks for that, it
was great to think. I spend A LOT of time thinking and studying, but
getting some new meat to chew on was helpful. It is wonderful to see
how faith can wax unbreakable while room for exploring concerns and
doubts is allowed. It seems my journey of faith throughout this life
will be an interesting one.

But, adventures are great.

We have had many successes and many failures; both to be learned from.
It feels like we are in that one scene in Star Wars where our giddy
group of heroes are thrown in to the trash compactor and it slowly
collapses while the fight the weird worm thing. They tried everything
they could but nothing could stop their imminent death. I kind of feel
like I am kicking at a slowly collapsing wall of steel whose force
cannot be stopped. The good news is I know I have divine help. All
that needs to happen is for us to be lead to that one prepared person
whose prepared family is waiting for the gospel. There is power in
one. I just have forget about collapsing walls and work. One person
outside my predicament can stop the machinery that's eagerly trying to
stop me. (I don't exactly remember how the get out in Star Wars, will
you let me know)

I will let you know who we find this next week.

I love all the pictures from Jackson. Is Julia at girls camp now? It
looks like they both loved their horse riding time. Are you guys home
from Jackson yet though? If not, when is the date? I seriously get
more and more pumped to spend more time there with every picture I

I will continue working hard and share the belief I have in my father
and in Jesus as the Christ. I will talk to as many people as I can to
try and find the one. You guys keep sharing what you got!


Elder Bigelow

PS Loving my sandwich

A local Elder headed for the MTC

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