Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas time

Christmastime is here. Thank you so much for all the presents and the awesome tree you sent a little while ago. Everything is set up and ready to rumble for when santa comes Tuesday night. I haven't opened a single present or looked in the stocking yet, so be proud. To us it feels like it isn't even Christmas in many ways. We both sent off all of our presents early and we don't really stop and change when December rolls around so it is just normal.
We are planning on serving a dinner at some other Church on Christmas Day. There are some cool ones that have some amazing stained glass, hopefully one of them will let us help them out. It is nice to focus on the service and sharing part of Christmas. We are trying to help someone move today, and we are putting beds into a lot of  members houses tomorrow. Service makes me feel good. It is always fullfilling to me to give of my time or resources or whatever I have to someone who is truly in need. I think that might be a tradition my family and I have. We will go to the soup kitchen or something like that on Christmas day. That'll be nice. I hope we can find ways to serve every day this week.
In other News:
2 days ago it was 75 degrees
It is pouring rain right now
I saw my first companion who was visiting from Hawaii
I got a bag of Chocolate Truffles and I can not walk past them without taking at least one
We are skyping soon and I am excited about that
I have decided for sure that I am going to do Ironmans
I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and I love you all!

-Elder BIgelow

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Week of Dec 16

This week has been another wild one in many ways, one of the most challenging things that has happened is that a pair of Hermanas had to take off. For a number of reasons they had to leave, but the tough part is picking up all the work that they left. They are amazing missionaries so they  had a lot going on. It has been difficult to distribute their load that is so important to the ward. I think we have finally figured it out but it will  just mean more hard work. That, afterall it what I am here for right? So it is great.
Niether Elder Clark or I have any idea what will happen to us for this next transfer. We both assume we will stay because it would seem kind of stupid to move us, from our perspective. But, there are so many other things going on in the mission, we might be needed elsewhere. Elder Clark and I have really started to work together and keep making more steps to become more unified. The stronger and stronger we get the more effective and excited we become.  As we start the Christmas season in full gear, we are not sure if work will pick up or slow down. Many people are leaving town but many others will be at home with their families. I hope we can share this message that we have through the Christmas spirit and bring joy into others' homes.
I am sorry I am kind of lame this week. It has been what seems to be such an average week. I will try and seek more of the extraordinary next week to let you guys know.
Good News:
We found another awesome family to teach
I found my battery charger
We got a ton of leftover food from Ward Christmas parties
I still love shoes
Bad News:
I am really tired
We still don't have Ipads
Love you all lots,
Elder Bigelow

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Red Lights

Fam + Crew,
Since living in Virginia I have picked up the habit of sorta kinda running red lights... It is just a thing that people do all the time. And, with the amount of traffic, the whole left turning lane thing takes FOREVER, so you take every opportunity you get. I am not talking about running red lights that have already been red for like 3 seconds, that would be stupid. That is what everybody else does. The funniest part about noticing this is that nearly every time I do it, there is always someone coming in behind me who does wait the 3 seconds and then run the light. The point is it is normal here. I have gotten used to it. It is something that over time has become normal to me. I related this to the rest of the habits that I have. I am trying to rat out bad ones and magnify good ones. In many of the classes or lessons we have had from my favorite Elder Jim Ritchie, we have talked about how we are all predestined to succeed. Not because we have a set destiny, but we do truly have the potential of God. We are inherently wired to succeed, the things that hold us back are only our bad habits, our wrong decisions. We have a celestial spirit inside trying to conquer what's on the outside, we just have to let it out.
What I have started to do now is go through my daily stuff and think about the good things I do and bad things I do. Or, in otherwords, find the things that are holding me back. Take care that when you do this, because of course you will, to take it slow because you can't conquer your entire being in one go. I know I have changed and I know I will succeed in my life in whatever I truly desire if I can apply and use my good habits.
I am out of time per usual. We had an "Ice Storm" yesterday that everybody freaked out about and and we cancelled church. I was underwhelmed.
Love you guys,
-Elder Jonathan Bigelow