Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas time

Christmastime is here. Thank you so much for all the presents and the awesome tree you sent a little while ago. Everything is set up and ready to rumble for when santa comes Tuesday night. I haven't opened a single present or looked in the stocking yet, so be proud. To us it feels like it isn't even Christmas in many ways. We both sent off all of our presents early and we don't really stop and change when December rolls around so it is just normal.
We are planning on serving a dinner at some other Church on Christmas Day. There are some cool ones that have some amazing stained glass, hopefully one of them will let us help them out. It is nice to focus on the service and sharing part of Christmas. We are trying to help someone move today, and we are putting beds into a lot of  members houses tomorrow. Service makes me feel good. It is always fullfilling to me to give of my time or resources or whatever I have to someone who is truly in need. I think that might be a tradition my family and I have. We will go to the soup kitchen or something like that on Christmas day. That'll be nice. I hope we can find ways to serve every day this week.
In other News:
2 days ago it was 75 degrees
It is pouring rain right now
I saw my first companion who was visiting from Hawaii
I got a bag of Chocolate Truffles and I can not walk past them without taking at least one
We are skyping soon and I am excited about that
I have decided for sure that I am going to do Ironmans
I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and I love you all!

-Elder BIgelow

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