Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Years

You will never bellieve it, I am buying new shoes!
I am so excited to finally have a good enough excuse to actually purchase some properly new shoes. These ones will be running ones. We have been going about 5 miles a day for a week now which is awesome and I didn't even know I could really do it. Mostly becaues I have never tried it before. We are going to put together a plan and slowly start ramping up our miles. I run with an english elder while our companions ride bikes, and everyone is happy so... we are going to keep at it. It might take a week or two for me to actually throw down the cash because I only have so much free time and today I am going to Arlington Cemetery and next week to some Art galleries in DC so maybe some lunch hours here and there to go shopping. So you will get pictures soon. And don't worry, with the amount of love I have recieved from ward members I will be able to fund my new rough and tumble lifestyle.
The point of all that is that I actually am buying shoes, and also that I am changing. I have learned again and again that this mission time is really a time for me to prepare for the rest of my life in all ways, or at least that is how I am taking it. More than anything I am conditioning myself to be disiplined. Our Mission president has given us over and over a defenition for discipline: "Doing what you don't want to do... When you don't want to do it... Because you know you should" and my add on... So you do it. This attitude has proliferated into everything I do, because I constantly work on it. I am still by no means perfect, but there are many many more things that I am disciplined in than when I left. Some things like buying shoes I will never be able to control, but others like how I know I will parent my children, have changed a little. I have a lot more of and idea of what I want and how I am going to get there. I have seen so many people: investigators, members and missionaries alike fall through the cracks because they are not willing to follow through with discipline. They learn something and then seem to forget it the very next day. I have done the same thing, but I try to remain disciplined in what I originally choose to do, or am obligated to do. That all being said doesn't mean I don't get to have fun or don't get to let loose every once in a while. I just make sure I always stick to the basics I have already decided upon. So think about the decisions you are making now or maybe ones that you have made in the past whether it be standards or dreams, and make them happen.
Anyways, that is all I have for this week. I love you guys a lot. Like really a lot and it was awesome to see and talk to you guys. Stay tuned for pics of Arlington Cemetary and SHOES! Don't worry I have already decided I am buyiing for comfort, but all shoes look cool these days.
Still don't know when we are getting I pads
I really want to go skiing
I am presenting our ward misson plan to the stake presidency next sunday (kinda scary kinda stoked to do it)
McDonalds is bad for you and everytime I eat it (hardly ever now) I get rocked. I am too used to eating healthy.

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