Thursday, January 16, 2014

Smash Burger and Fruits of the Labor

Helllllo family and other friends who may as well be family
This week was especially gratifying in many ways.
Firstly, my family has been coming in clutch witth packages with ABSOLUTELY amazing cookies, ones that would literally cause world peace as well as cute little fairies that I am still trying to find a place for. I got the SD card and will soon be sending one in return. Also smashburger opened which is stellar and delicious. Their signature burger here is called the "Capitol," it has a traditional smash patty, grilled onions, applewood bacon, baby arugula, tomatos and a touch of mayo on a yummy bun that is a little different. I ate my first one today for lunch, SO GOOD. I didn't even have time to take a picture of it.
What specifically has been gratifying in missionary world was finally being apart of stuff happening. Elder Clark and I have both been trying very hard to work as hard as we can and be as obedient as we can to start/help our area and be examples to others. Numerically and inspiringly (to others) I feel as though we have had generally mediocre results. I wanted things to CHANGE! I like change, progression and development and I wanted to see those things in our ward, district, companionship, and finally myself. What it all comes down to I think is that we have been working on our private victories. I am implimenting all sorts of things to change myself and make sure that I am 100% before I leave the apartment. We have been trying to find ways to change and develop as a companionship as well as a district, and the magic finally happened. We saw the fruits of our labors. There were 12 investigators at church not including the family of 5 we found on saturday night who accepted the challenge to be to be baptized. It is like President Riggs said, first success then fruits. Success meaning, internal conversion fruits meaning baptisms, people at church lessons etc. Fruits isn't what it is all about, but it is sure nice to see things happen after paciently working our tails off. It is just something I have wanted for so long and finally see coming around the corner.
So think about the things you are waiting for to happen. There are always two steps: personal victories, and public victories. To truly have success in front of everyone, out in the open, whatever.. you need to be victorious on the inside. You need to be ready. So get ready, change what you need to so you can be that person that truly deserves the victory. And even then, God may have you wait a little longer. That is what I have been feeling for the past month.
I love you all lots and lots

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