Monday, January 6, 2014

Week of Jan 6

Hey Everyone!
This week was something special. Specifically because of a number of wild Visions and Goals I have been setting, both for myself and the mission in general. The most important part about these visions is the role of humility I have found in everything I do nowadays. Humility isn't just not being pridefull. It is something more. I have learned that humility is really just doing what God wants you to do, in a Gospel sense anyways. Then, after you do what God wants you to do with his help giving the credit to him. So in the end everything ties back to him whether it is in a gospel sense or in anything else we do becaue everything that we are is his, is our gift. I have always been a fan of "you can do anything" and I do truly believe it. Thing is, now I now why. You can really accomplish ANYTHING if, and only if you are humble enough to give up yourself and find what God would want you do. The cool thing is, is that God knows us, he knows me. So, specifically the will he has for me is something that amplifies my talents and is something I worked to dream up and in the end something that I want to do. I like finding those things, because then I kill it. Be excited, there is some killing it in the future for me. That is part of why I am so confident I will be succesfull in life in all interpretations of the word. I know I can find what God wants, and then do it. So the point is, FIND YOURSELF and then loose yourself, it is a weird pattern it seems but that is how God works.
Elder Bigelow

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