Saturday, January 25, 2014

Snow, I Love Snow

It finally actually snowed out here, like for than 2 inches. We have like 5-6, it is soooo pretty. Everyone FLIPPED a brick about the storm and we weren't allowed to drive and all sorts of crazy stuff. But, hay que seguir right? We just have stuff to do so we can't let that slow us down. We had to walk about 8 miles last night, not much compared to other missions but for us it was a lot, especially with the snow and how fast we had to do it. We ended up jogging half the way!
This past week we have really gotten to know a new family we had the opportunity to find. They are an awesome family of 5 from Bolivia. We have been working really really hard to find people who are prepared. It seems that so many people until recently have been "interested" just because they know that we are missionaries so they think that God will bless them if we come in. THat, or they are just so set on not changing they  need some time away from us to really progress. This family, la familia Rocabado, just gets it. They are ready to change, they are ready to learn, and they are ready to be baptized. This is what we have been waiting for, praying for, fasting for and now that it is here it doesn't seem real. Taking things in the Lords time is an interesting topic to me. I really have no idea exactly of who, what, when, why, where, or how God wants to get things down. I just need to go forward with faith, following the things I feel in the now. I need to be ready to drop anything to follow his guidence. I know that as we continue to follow the promptings we have that this family will be baptized. It is an exciting thing to look forward to.
I love you all very much

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