Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Week of Feb 24

This week has been a bit of a struggle due to sickness but we are making it through. Every time I have been sick on my mission it seems to be for a reason. I always have a tremendous internal battle of whether or not I should get extra sleep or continue working. I think, well, if I show my faith and work, God will support and heal me. Also, I NEED TO WORK.  On the other side, I know that we have our own responsibilities to do all that we can to get better ourselves, which involves sleep. In the end I decided to get a blessing, the blessing was a comfort in itself and Elder Clark said many things that were related to other parts of my life that were very powerful. After the blessing, Elder White told me to check out Alma 38: 1-3. I felt like I should ask him to give the anointing earlier, but I think I was really prompted to ask him to help in the blessing so he could guide me to that scripture. It SPOKE to me, I am sure you know that feeling, but it was just soooo to me. It was one of those experiences where I got a lot more from the white on the page than from the black.
It was another witness to me that God speaks to me and guides me in this life. He is always watching and always cheering me on to do the right.
We are teaching a family of 5 called the Rocabados: Jesus, Aleda, Celina, Nilda and Edson. I believe I have mentioned them before, but if not, now you know. They are awesome and we have been focusing a lot on family habits then need to develop in order to progress together. Namely: daily family prayer, and daily family scripture study, and DISCUSSION. These are things that I value much more now and want to make more of a priority in my life as I live it having a family etc. I think daily family prayer would make a big difference in Julia's day. I don't know what it is like at home, but there are power in numbers. Do you guys pray all together before the person who leaves earliest leaves? Starting and staying on the same brainwave will be powerful for her especially. If you aren't currently doing that right now as oli says "COMMIT TO DO IT, AND DO IT" I know a little more prayer never hurt anyone.
I know that daily habits like family prayer will change the lives of the Rocabados and the more you all can do as a family the more you all can become. I want you guys to become the best family in the whole darn world
I want to BECOME, that is one of my new favorite words. I want to BECOME something new.
.i think I am going to the Iwo Gima Memorial today.
.i got a new pair of shoes for freeeeee. and they are nike freeeee runs so they are sweet
.my Bishop, Curt Magleby will be visiting Spencer this weekend. You should go meet them. He is awesome.
.i tried to check out a vegitarian cook book today but some senior citizen checked it out before me so they get to have it for a month. the book is called Feast by Sarah Copeland. It has lots of pretty pictures and some exciting ways to fix up veggis. You should check it out.
.i will probably get my ipad within a weeks time so I will keep you posted on the things I might be wanting.
I love you guys a whole ton!!!!!!!
/Elder Bigelow

Elders Bigelow and Clark

I am on a journey to become. My knowledge of the Book of Mormon has changed a lot in the past 10 months, but I have so much further to go. What is your story? Tell me, I'm a missionary!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Week of Feb 17

Hey, All
What is up everybody? I love hearing about all the wild stuff going on about the olympics. I have not seen more than 20 seconds of it through all the time it has been going and I think that number may grow by another 20 seconds by the time it finishes. That is how it probably should be so that is fine, but I do need the special highlights. What was the guys name who won the slopestyle stuff? That is a great story, I am a little bumbed I missed the underdog. I always love those.
I have been thinking about how God is involved in our lives recently. Part of that is how he directs us and gives us oportunites to learn or participate in things. As Mormons everyone know and everyone always says, "you misison call is for you, and there are people for you etc. etc." This is fantastic, and I believe it. In part, becaues of that I have been looking for those specific reasons. Among some others reasons include: President Riggs, and Elder Ritchie both of whom I have talked about. Something that has come up recently is the importance of this area to me. For a number reasons it seems that it is important for me to be here in DC again. Specifically, I have as of recently decided I will definitely being taking the Foreign Service tests for the State Department. I have always felt a weird nag to look into serving in the military or in some other government capacity over-seas. I don't think I have ever really expressed this to anyone because I haven't really wanted to do it at all, but here we are now. I feel like it is something that God wants me to do because of the good for Him I can do abroad.
This all comes back to the point that God knows us personally. It has been amazing to see the Gospel touch peoples lives individually. God works through us with others, personally. Our mission has been focusing on how the Book of Mormon does that so well. I have seen that power with people we teach and with my own heart. Every time I read Alma 32:27 I stop and think some more. I go through that process everyday, often just cultivating my desires. I think I finally know the Book of Mormon to be true, sometimes I ebb and sway for one reason or another but I am getting more comfortable with my KNOWLEDGE of the thing. I know it is good and blesses my life. I just can't connect stuff, but I love it.
I love you guys and all you do. I am STOKED about all the cool stuff going on at home and can't wait to be apart of it again. Though I am pretty excited to be where I am at for the next 14 months.

/Elder Bigelow
.i bought a new waterbottle
.i am pretty darn sure i am sick
.i am really sorry about the lack of pictures, i will be betting a cord next week for my camera

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Gooooood Afternoon,  All
Today is a very normal day, so we are going to have to find some sort of excuse to make it extraordinary.
As promised, I will tell you a story from this week. So, a few weeks ago we received a call from Elders in Arkansas who said they had an investigator for us who had just moved into the area. We have been trying to get into contact with him and it finally happened. We had a real lesson with him. It was an answer to my prayers for God to provide me with an opportunity that all I really had to do was be there for. Andres is so prepared, so so so ready to change with a desire to live a better life. That is what really makes the difference in the people we teach. People don't often just walk up to us to ask a couple questions and then say, "hey can I get baptized actually?" They are prepared when they have a desire to learn. That is the most important thing that we see in investigators, members and ourselves. It all comes back to if you really want to do this Mormon thing. That is something I have decided. I really do want to do this Mormon thing. I know somethings are true, have a strong seemingly unbreakable faith in others and believe in even more. But, I desire and a hope for this to be real, and to follow Christ. I think to some that would seem foolish, but it works for me. This combined with the knowledge I do have and will gain will be sufficient to carry me through my life as I continually strive for change and progression.Where do your desires reside? In what do you have hope? What do you really, really, want? I am figuring out my own answers to these questions every day.
I am a little tired today, but that will never stop me again. Because I know what I want and where I am going.
There is a related quote from 50 cent that I find kind of comical and kind of perfect.
It goes something like this- "Sleep...? Sleep...? Sleeping is for people who are broke, I don't sleep" (Now go look up 50 cent's voice and read it again.)
We find success when we desire it so much we forget to sleep. Or at least that in part is how I am learning to gauge it. Don't worry, I do have misison rules that ensure how much I sleep, but I often don't want to. So I will need someone to check up on me when I get home :)
Love you guys, Like, I really do. A lot. I am excited to see you all again. <MOTHERS DAY>

/Elder Bigelow
.i am still a runner
.i gave a talk yesterday about the holy ghost
.i really prefer being a healthy eater still
.i am pretty sure i am lactose n' tolerant now (i know that is not the scientific term don't worry
.i heard about a Bill Nye the science guy and some creationist debate about stuff in church today and literally had to bite my finger
.i am going to read SOOOOO much more when i get  home about the above mentioned topic and so much other stuff
.still love you guys

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Where now?

Buenas Dias,
So, this week is transfers, that means that we have a chance of getting switched. This is the first time of my mission I have literally 0 idea of where I am going and if I am even leaving. In the past people usually cruise after 3 months if a new companionship opens an area. However, sometimes they don't. There has been a trend of people staying longer in areas now becasue we are not having as many new missionaries coming in and I have also heard from some other people that all but 15 companionships will be affected by this coming transfer. Moral of the story being, I DON'T KNOW. It is kind of cool that way though. The only thing that I do know is that President Riggs will put me where the spirit directs him to put me. It is as it says in Alma When King Lamonis Father questions regarding where Ammon is, Aaron says, "the Spirit of the Lord has called him another way." I am so content to be called where I am to be. It could be here, there or anywhere, kind of like eating green eggs and ham. I will follow  and love wherever I go. That is how i was sent here and it is how I will be guided through the rest of my life. I will follow the Spirit of the Lord as it guides me to that which I must do. I know that Christ lives. (that is one of the things I feel really great about saying I know about), and I know that he guides this work. I have seen a lot of Growth working here in the Bella Vista Ward, both within myself and in the Ward and I am glad I have 2 more days to work my guts out. I have two challenges for those who are listening: will you pray nightly asking for God to provide you for missionary oppurtunities promising him to act on the guidence you recieve? Will you then act on that guidence daily? Okay so three, will you then share your experiences so you never forget them? Magic happens if you make promises with God, I promise.
I hate that I don't have any stories right now for you that I have time to share but I promise this coming week I will share one of the experiences I have.
.if i stay in Falls Church i may go to the white house next week
.i love you guys
.i hope your week is killer nuts
.do something this week just cause you wanna
.eat more chocolate
Elder Bigelow