Sunday, February 23, 2014

Week of Feb 17

Hey, All
What is up everybody? I love hearing about all the wild stuff going on about the olympics. I have not seen more than 20 seconds of it through all the time it has been going and I think that number may grow by another 20 seconds by the time it finishes. That is how it probably should be so that is fine, but I do need the special highlights. What was the guys name who won the slopestyle stuff? That is a great story, I am a little bumbed I missed the underdog. I always love those.
I have been thinking about how God is involved in our lives recently. Part of that is how he directs us and gives us oportunites to learn or participate in things. As Mormons everyone know and everyone always says, "you misison call is for you, and there are people for you etc. etc." This is fantastic, and I believe it. In part, becaues of that I have been looking for those specific reasons. Among some others reasons include: President Riggs, and Elder Ritchie both of whom I have talked about. Something that has come up recently is the importance of this area to me. For a number reasons it seems that it is important for me to be here in DC again. Specifically, I have as of recently decided I will definitely being taking the Foreign Service tests for the State Department. I have always felt a weird nag to look into serving in the military or in some other government capacity over-seas. I don't think I have ever really expressed this to anyone because I haven't really wanted to do it at all, but here we are now. I feel like it is something that God wants me to do because of the good for Him I can do abroad.
This all comes back to the point that God knows us personally. It has been amazing to see the Gospel touch peoples lives individually. God works through us with others, personally. Our mission has been focusing on how the Book of Mormon does that so well. I have seen that power with people we teach and with my own heart. Every time I read Alma 32:27 I stop and think some more. I go through that process everyday, often just cultivating my desires. I think I finally know the Book of Mormon to be true, sometimes I ebb and sway for one reason or another but I am getting more comfortable with my KNOWLEDGE of the thing. I know it is good and blesses my life. I just can't connect stuff, but I love it.
I love you guys and all you do. I am STOKED about all the cool stuff going on at home and can't wait to be apart of it again. Though I am pretty excited to be where I am at for the next 14 months.

/Elder Bigelow
.i bought a new waterbottle
.i am pretty darn sure i am sick
.i am really sorry about the lack of pictures, i will be betting a cord next week for my camera

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