Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Gooooood Afternoon,  All
Today is a very normal day, so we are going to have to find some sort of excuse to make it extraordinary.
As promised, I will tell you a story from this week. So, a few weeks ago we received a call from Elders in Arkansas who said they had an investigator for us who had just moved into the area. We have been trying to get into contact with him and it finally happened. We had a real lesson with him. It was an answer to my prayers for God to provide me with an opportunity that all I really had to do was be there for. Andres is so prepared, so so so ready to change with a desire to live a better life. That is what really makes the difference in the people we teach. People don't often just walk up to us to ask a couple questions and then say, "hey can I get baptized actually?" They are prepared when they have a desire to learn. That is the most important thing that we see in investigators, members and ourselves. It all comes back to if you really want to do this Mormon thing. That is something I have decided. I really do want to do this Mormon thing. I know somethings are true, have a strong seemingly unbreakable faith in others and believe in even more. But, I desire and a hope for this to be real, and to follow Christ. I think to some that would seem foolish, but it works for me. This combined with the knowledge I do have and will gain will be sufficient to carry me through my life as I continually strive for change and progression.Where do your desires reside? In what do you have hope? What do you really, really, want? I am figuring out my own answers to these questions every day.
I am a little tired today, but that will never stop me again. Because I know what I want and where I am going.
There is a related quote from 50 cent that I find kind of comical and kind of perfect.
It goes something like this- "Sleep...? Sleep...? Sleeping is for people who are broke, I don't sleep" (Now go look up 50 cent's voice and read it again.)
We find success when we desire it so much we forget to sleep. Or at least that in part is how I am learning to gauge it. Don't worry, I do have misison rules that ensure how much I sleep, but I often don't want to. So I will need someone to check up on me when I get home :)
Love you guys, Like, I really do. A lot. I am excited to see you all again. <MOTHERS DAY>

/Elder Bigelow
.i am still a runner
.i gave a talk yesterday about the holy ghost
.i really prefer being a healthy eater still
.i am pretty sure i am lactose n' tolerant now (i know that is not the scientific term don't worry
.i heard about a Bill Nye the science guy and some creationist debate about stuff in church today and literally had to bite my finger
.i am going to read SOOOOO much more when i get  home about the above mentioned topic and so much other stuff
.still love you guys

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