Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Week of Feb 24

This week has been a bit of a struggle due to sickness but we are making it through. Every time I have been sick on my mission it seems to be for a reason. I always have a tremendous internal battle of whether or not I should get extra sleep or continue working. I think, well, if I show my faith and work, God will support and heal me. Also, I NEED TO WORK.  On the other side, I know that we have our own responsibilities to do all that we can to get better ourselves, which involves sleep. In the end I decided to get a blessing, the blessing was a comfort in itself and Elder Clark said many things that were related to other parts of my life that were very powerful. After the blessing, Elder White told me to check out Alma 38: 1-3. I felt like I should ask him to give the anointing earlier, but I think I was really prompted to ask him to help in the blessing so he could guide me to that scripture. It SPOKE to me, I am sure you know that feeling, but it was just soooo to me. It was one of those experiences where I got a lot more from the white on the page than from the black.
It was another witness to me that God speaks to me and guides me in this life. He is always watching and always cheering me on to do the right.
We are teaching a family of 5 called the Rocabados: Jesus, Aleda, Celina, Nilda and Edson. I believe I have mentioned them before, but if not, now you know. They are awesome and we have been focusing a lot on family habits then need to develop in order to progress together. Namely: daily family prayer, and daily family scripture study, and DISCUSSION. These are things that I value much more now and want to make more of a priority in my life as I live it having a family etc. I think daily family prayer would make a big difference in Julia's day. I don't know what it is like at home, but there are power in numbers. Do you guys pray all together before the person who leaves earliest leaves? Starting and staying on the same brainwave will be powerful for her especially. If you aren't currently doing that right now as oli says "COMMIT TO DO IT, AND DO IT" I know a little more prayer never hurt anyone.
I know that daily habits like family prayer will change the lives of the Rocabados and the more you all can do as a family the more you all can become. I want you guys to become the best family in the whole darn world
I want to BECOME, that is one of my new favorite words. I want to BECOME something new.
.i think I am going to the Iwo Gima Memorial today.
.i got a new pair of shoes for freeeeee. and they are nike freeeee runs so they are sweet
.my Bishop, Curt Magleby will be visiting Spencer this weekend. You should go meet them. He is awesome.
.i tried to check out a vegitarian cook book today but some senior citizen checked it out before me so they get to have it for a month. the book is called Feast by Sarah Copeland. It has lots of pretty pictures and some exciting ways to fix up veggis. You should check it out.
.i will probably get my ipad within a weeks time so I will keep you posted on the things I might be wanting.
I love you guys a whole ton!!!!!!!
/Elder Bigelow

Elders Bigelow and Clark

I am on a journey to become. My knowledge of the Book of Mormon has changed a lot in the past 10 months, but I have so much further to go. What is your story? Tell me, I'm a missionary!

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