Thursday, February 6, 2014

Where now?

Buenas Dias,
So, this week is transfers, that means that we have a chance of getting switched. This is the first time of my mission I have literally 0 idea of where I am going and if I am even leaving. In the past people usually cruise after 3 months if a new companionship opens an area. However, sometimes they don't. There has been a trend of people staying longer in areas now becasue we are not having as many new missionaries coming in and I have also heard from some other people that all but 15 companionships will be affected by this coming transfer. Moral of the story being, I DON'T KNOW. It is kind of cool that way though. The only thing that I do know is that President Riggs will put me where the spirit directs him to put me. It is as it says in Alma When King Lamonis Father questions regarding where Ammon is, Aaron says, "the Spirit of the Lord has called him another way." I am so content to be called where I am to be. It could be here, there or anywhere, kind of like eating green eggs and ham. I will follow  and love wherever I go. That is how i was sent here and it is how I will be guided through the rest of my life. I will follow the Spirit of the Lord as it guides me to that which I must do. I know that Christ lives. (that is one of the things I feel really great about saying I know about), and I know that he guides this work. I have seen a lot of Growth working here in the Bella Vista Ward, both within myself and in the Ward and I am glad I have 2 more days to work my guts out. I have two challenges for those who are listening: will you pray nightly asking for God to provide you for missionary oppurtunities promising him to act on the guidence you recieve? Will you then act on that guidence daily? Okay so three, will you then share your experiences so you never forget them? Magic happens if you make promises with God, I promise.
I hate that I don't have any stories right now for you that I have time to share but I promise this coming week I will share one of the experiences I have.
.if i stay in Falls Church i may go to the white house next week
.i love you guys
.i hope your week is killer nuts
.do something this week just cause you wanna
.eat more chocolate
Elder Bigelow

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