Monday, October 21, 2013

Week of Oct 21

Buenas Dias from Herndon Virginny,
This past week has been tons of fun, we had nuestro noche de Hispanidad, for the month of October. It was a blast, and sooooo  many people came. 

It ended up being about half and half, with respect to members and non-members. We got to meet so many new people and show all of them although we may be a little weird we still know how to have fun. We were so busy this week planning, following up, and preping for the event. On top of that we had all our normal responsibilities. Just to do everything that we have been assigned to do, and doing it well we always end up getting into bed late. That is the worst, because I am sick and tired. I have learned though, if I am sick and tired of being sick and tired and still keep going then I am doing at least some things right. This week has also been disappointing in a number of ways. This week, we have worked harder, planned better and taught smarter with the results being just the opposite (numerically). It is really frustrating to watch the things called our "key indicators" go down even when we do all we can do. The good part about it all is we are not discouraged because we know that God knows what is up. As long as we continue to plan smart, work hard, and teach well we will accomplish the things that God wants us to do. I will be provided for in all ways as I do his will. We will continue onward with that faith, humility and diligence.

Talking about those three things brings up something that we have been taught, and have been teaching frequently recently. We call it "The Grace Formula", I'm pretty sure it is from an apostle sometime somewhere. Anyways, When we place our faith in Jesus Christ that he does and will provide for us, while humbly acknowleding our shortcomings and diligently working to over come them... We begin to access the true power and beauty of the Grace of Christ. The perfect way to excercise all of these steps is partaking of the sacrement weekly. We exhibit our faith, humility and diligence all in just a short, simple time if we do it right. So, will you, family and everyone else who is listening focus on these steps while accessing the grace of God? Also, it helps to smile while doing it.
Here is a photo of a friend, Pollito, on his last day when he gave his mission farewell talk. 

I love you all, Do more fun stuff!
Elder Bigelow

Monday, October 14, 2013

Week of Oct 14

It is always an interesting thing to think about the impact a missionary can have over many years. I have actually been thinking a little bit about that recently with a specific person, one of our investigators. Gerson is 14 and his brother is Christian, the one who was recently baptized. He can't get baptized right now because of his Dad, but that's a different story. Anyways, we went to a soccer field to go visit someone a week ago and as we were leaving, like we do, we said hi to the guy who was getting out of his car next to us and started to talk to him. Having nothing to do with our little conversation of him being a referee for the next game he blurted out, "You know I really respect what you guys are doing, I had a few friends back in high school who went on missions. Is it one year or two years? I forget." We said two and then he continued to tell us how great it was that we were willing to sacrifice two years, and then he took off saying he was going to be late to his game so we couldn't get his number. This all happened because some of his friends in Highschool just went on missions. They didn't even try to share anything with him. This man will have the missionaries knock on his door someday and will probably let them in. Whether or not he will accept this gospel is another story, but he has been prepared in a number or ways. There are so many impacts into peoples lives that we make as missionaries. Specifically with Gerson: he will be baptized when his father lets him, he will be an example to all he is around, he will share the gospel as a friend and family member as he already is and he will serve a mission preaching the gospel in some part of the world. If that is all the change I help start in my mission, then it was worth it. I know, however, that I can help do much more than that. I still have a year and a half left to help bring about this change to many others, and I will.
Another missionary from our ward leaves this week, and another the next. I understand in such a greater way the importance this work, especially when members and missionaries work together. I am excited to see where it takes me over the next two years and what will happen over my lifetime.
I love you all!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Week of Oct 7

Conference was an awesome time this weekend to take a break from normal normal work and do something a little bit different. I finished my first journal during conference, you will be happy to hear, and started my new one. I think I will be having about 1 every 6 months, so get all sorts of excited to look through parts of those. It is interesting how things change with perception. I have become someone who likes to write and record my thoughts and ideas, much because of how I think about it now. It is an awesome opportunity to express and learn of myself. I still don't think I will be writing a dissertation or anything like that, but I might write a small book or two in my day. We will see about that though. That will be a few years off.

Love Elder Bigelow
-Elder Bigelow

Week of Sep 30

This week has been full of meetings on meetings on meetings. How much we were able to teach greatly suffered, but that's alright, we learned other things. I know that you want to know those things that I learned, but we don't have time right now. I will  send some more stuff later today. We are going to DC today, thats why, so more good pictures are on the way.
I love you all!
-Elder Bigelow

ps. some crazy president of mine made me district leader now