Monday, October 14, 2013

Week of Oct 14

It is always an interesting thing to think about the impact a missionary can have over many years. I have actually been thinking a little bit about that recently with a specific person, one of our investigators. Gerson is 14 and his brother is Christian, the one who was recently baptized. He can't get baptized right now because of his Dad, but that's a different story. Anyways, we went to a soccer field to go visit someone a week ago and as we were leaving, like we do, we said hi to the guy who was getting out of his car next to us and started to talk to him. Having nothing to do with our little conversation of him being a referee for the next game he blurted out, "You know I really respect what you guys are doing, I had a few friends back in high school who went on missions. Is it one year or two years? I forget." We said two and then he continued to tell us how great it was that we were willing to sacrifice two years, and then he took off saying he was going to be late to his game so we couldn't get his number. This all happened because some of his friends in Highschool just went on missions. They didn't even try to share anything with him. This man will have the missionaries knock on his door someday and will probably let them in. Whether or not he will accept this gospel is another story, but he has been prepared in a number or ways. There are so many impacts into peoples lives that we make as missionaries. Specifically with Gerson: he will be baptized when his father lets him, he will be an example to all he is around, he will share the gospel as a friend and family member as he already is and he will serve a mission preaching the gospel in some part of the world. If that is all the change I help start in my mission, then it was worth it. I know, however, that I can help do much more than that. I still have a year and a half left to help bring about this change to many others, and I will.
Another missionary from our ward leaves this week, and another the next. I understand in such a greater way the importance this work, especially when members and missionaries work together. I am excited to see where it takes me over the next two years and what will happen over my lifetime.
I love you all!

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