Wednesday, January 29, 2014


That is spanish for Heyo`. Mostly that is just english for hey, yo-whats up. So hey, yo, whats up. I often go through these thought processes with notes in my planner. I write down little things that help me remember a bigger idea through a chain of thought that I have to work through that my companion does not understand at all. So often as I ask him about things I have to ensure I am not just asking about the weird notes I have. Like I write down "Ant" for a family we visit, which doesn't really make much sense but it connects for me. Luckily I catch myself and understand how weird it is and he is patient with me and lets me think out-loud to get to the point, so we remember things.
This past Friday we had the oportunity to listen to S Giffor Nielsen. Do you remember the "Exclamation Point" guy from conference? Him. Again, anyways, that isn't the point, the point is that the whole mission got together. This included all senior couples. The meeting really was absolutely tremendous and probably changed my mission and life for the better in a number of ways but that is not what I am going to tell you about. Do you remember me talking about Elder Jim Ritchie, the partner with Covey? He was there and I went to go talk to him because he and his wife are leaving this February early from their mission because they received a different calling in the church (pretty sure he just got called as a 70 or to a different mission). I went and told them what a tremendous impact they have made on my life. I am truly forever changed in my understanding of the Gospel and what I am going to do with my life. I let them know that and how much they meant to me and I got tons of love back. The way they love me and show it is amazing. I say that because it is so dang personal. They love ME. The coolest part about that is one time they told me how many people are on the email-list (the number is close to 10,000). They love EVERYONE on that email list just how they love ME, personally, and fully. They are amazing people and tremendous examples. It put into perspective just a little bit more of how personally God loves ME for ME and how much he loves You for You. He truly does know and love each one of us, and even though his email list is billions of kids long, every last one is a huge deal to him. The way that works is still a little comprehensible, but I do know how the Ritchies gained it. They tapped into the love of God for me, they have got it figured. I love them and I love God, and they love me. Find that love that God has for you personally, it is a cool thing to think about. It will change the way you love.
Next week we are probably going on a personal tour of the White House--TIGHT
I am wearing a short sleeve shirt right now, it is warm
I am definitely going to be a stage winning tri guy and probably race as a cyclist maybe a runner
I am stoked to be here and stoked to start real life
I am really really happy today
Rock on. Don't let anyone stop you

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Snow, I Love Snow

It finally actually snowed out here, like for than 2 inches. We have like 5-6, it is soooo pretty. Everyone FLIPPED a brick about the storm and we weren't allowed to drive and all sorts of crazy stuff. But, hay que seguir right? We just have stuff to do so we can't let that slow us down. We had to walk about 8 miles last night, not much compared to other missions but for us it was a lot, especially with the snow and how fast we had to do it. We ended up jogging half the way!
This past week we have really gotten to know a new family we had the opportunity to find. They are an awesome family of 5 from Bolivia. We have been working really really hard to find people who are prepared. It seems that so many people until recently have been "interested" just because they know that we are missionaries so they think that God will bless them if we come in. THat, or they are just so set on not changing they  need some time away from us to really progress. This family, la familia Rocabado, just gets it. They are ready to change, they are ready to learn, and they are ready to be baptized. This is what we have been waiting for, praying for, fasting for and now that it is here it doesn't seem real. Taking things in the Lords time is an interesting topic to me. I really have no idea exactly of who, what, when, why, where, or how God wants to get things down. I just need to go forward with faith, following the things I feel in the now. I need to be ready to drop anything to follow his guidence. I know that as we continue to follow the promptings we have that this family will be baptized. It is an exciting thing to look forward to.
I love you all very much

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Smash Burger and Fruits of the Labor

Helllllo family and other friends who may as well be family
This week was especially gratifying in many ways.
Firstly, my family has been coming in clutch witth packages with ABSOLUTELY amazing cookies, ones that would literally cause world peace as well as cute little fairies that I am still trying to find a place for. I got the SD card and will soon be sending one in return. Also smashburger opened which is stellar and delicious. Their signature burger here is called the "Capitol," it has a traditional smash patty, grilled onions, applewood bacon, baby arugula, tomatos and a touch of mayo on a yummy bun that is a little different. I ate my first one today for lunch, SO GOOD. I didn't even have time to take a picture of it.
What specifically has been gratifying in missionary world was finally being apart of stuff happening. Elder Clark and I have both been trying very hard to work as hard as we can and be as obedient as we can to start/help our area and be examples to others. Numerically and inspiringly (to others) I feel as though we have had generally mediocre results. I wanted things to CHANGE! I like change, progression and development and I wanted to see those things in our ward, district, companionship, and finally myself. What it all comes down to I think is that we have been working on our private victories. I am implimenting all sorts of things to change myself and make sure that I am 100% before I leave the apartment. We have been trying to find ways to change and develop as a companionship as well as a district, and the magic finally happened. We saw the fruits of our labors. There were 12 investigators at church not including the family of 5 we found on saturday night who accepted the challenge to be to be baptized. It is like President Riggs said, first success then fruits. Success meaning, internal conversion fruits meaning baptisms, people at church lessons etc. Fruits isn't what it is all about, but it is sure nice to see things happen after paciently working our tails off. It is just something I have wanted for so long and finally see coming around the corner.
So think about the things you are waiting for to happen. There are always two steps: personal victories, and public victories. To truly have success in front of everyone, out in the open, whatever.. you need to be victorious on the inside. You need to be ready. So get ready, change what you need to so you can be that person that truly deserves the victory. And even then, God may have you wait a little longer. That is what I have been feeling for the past month.
I love you all lots and lots

Monday, January 6, 2014

Week of Jan 6

Hey Everyone!
This week was something special. Specifically because of a number of wild Visions and Goals I have been setting, both for myself and the mission in general. The most important part about these visions is the role of humility I have found in everything I do nowadays. Humility isn't just not being pridefull. It is something more. I have learned that humility is really just doing what God wants you to do, in a Gospel sense anyways. Then, after you do what God wants you to do with his help giving the credit to him. So in the end everything ties back to him whether it is in a gospel sense or in anything else we do becaue everything that we are is his, is our gift. I have always been a fan of "you can do anything" and I do truly believe it. Thing is, now I now why. You can really accomplish ANYTHING if, and only if you are humble enough to give up yourself and find what God would want you do. The cool thing is, is that God knows us, he knows me. So, specifically the will he has for me is something that amplifies my talents and is something I worked to dream up and in the end something that I want to do. I like finding those things, because then I kill it. Be excited, there is some killing it in the future for me. That is part of why I am so confident I will be succesfull in life in all interpretations of the word. I know I can find what God wants, and then do it. So the point is, FIND YOURSELF and then loose yourself, it is a weird pattern it seems but that is how God works.
Elder Bigelow

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Years

You will never bellieve it, I am buying new shoes!
I am so excited to finally have a good enough excuse to actually purchase some properly new shoes. These ones will be running ones. We have been going about 5 miles a day for a week now which is awesome and I didn't even know I could really do it. Mostly becaues I have never tried it before. We are going to put together a plan and slowly start ramping up our miles. I run with an english elder while our companions ride bikes, and everyone is happy so... we are going to keep at it. It might take a week or two for me to actually throw down the cash because I only have so much free time and today I am going to Arlington Cemetery and next week to some Art galleries in DC so maybe some lunch hours here and there to go shopping. So you will get pictures soon. And don't worry, with the amount of love I have recieved from ward members I will be able to fund my new rough and tumble lifestyle.
The point of all that is that I actually am buying shoes, and also that I am changing. I have learned again and again that this mission time is really a time for me to prepare for the rest of my life in all ways, or at least that is how I am taking it. More than anything I am conditioning myself to be disiplined. Our Mission president has given us over and over a defenition for discipline: "Doing what you don't want to do... When you don't want to do it... Because you know you should" and my add on... So you do it. This attitude has proliferated into everything I do, because I constantly work on it. I am still by no means perfect, but there are many many more things that I am disciplined in than when I left. Some things like buying shoes I will never be able to control, but others like how I know I will parent my children, have changed a little. I have a lot more of and idea of what I want and how I am going to get there. I have seen so many people: investigators, members and missionaries alike fall through the cracks because they are not willing to follow through with discipline. They learn something and then seem to forget it the very next day. I have done the same thing, but I try to remain disciplined in what I originally choose to do, or am obligated to do. That all being said doesn't mean I don't get to have fun or don't get to let loose every once in a while. I just make sure I always stick to the basics I have already decided upon. So think about the decisions you are making now or maybe ones that you have made in the past whether it be standards or dreams, and make them happen.
Anyways, that is all I have for this week. I love you guys a lot. Like really a lot and it was awesome to see and talk to you guys. Stay tuned for pics of Arlington Cemetary and SHOES! Don't worry I have already decided I am buyiing for comfort, but all shoes look cool these days.
Still don't know when we are getting I pads
I really want to go skiing
I am presenting our ward misson plan to the stake presidency next sunday (kinda scary kinda stoked to do it)
McDonalds is bad for you and everytime I eat it (hardly ever now) I get rocked. I am too used to eating healthy.