Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Week of July 21

One of the highlights of this week is that while we were in one of the
more run down neighborhoods of our area we came across a gold
convertible mustang with a large body kit. It was just one of "those
cars." We were kind of chuckling on the way past it, and then we saw
it. There is this specific passalong card with the resurrected Christ
on them that missionaries use a lot and that Hispanics seem to love.
The owner of this ghetto mustang had one taped to their dashboard
right next to the speedometer, we lost it. It was too good to be true.
We ended up writing him a little note offering him a new card and told
him we would love to help him come closer to Christ. We lifted up his
rag top and slid it in to the cabin. I really hope he calls us.

We have been working really hard to day and finally are on our way up.
We are finally progressing. We talked to tons of people this week and
desperately tried to work with, through, and serve members.

I have been working as hard as I can to be diligent in my studies and
work ethic so that I can continue to progress personally even if those
around me don't want to accept it. That is the interesting thing about
missionary work. Agency is everything. First comes mine, which is
whether or not I am obedient, study like crazy and am diligent in my
work and then there comes whether or not people want to accept what I
have to say. I have learned a lot recently about how faith or belief
is justified by works. I knew that before, but I really get it more.
The way I pray with more faith is how I act on what I say I will do
and how I show God that I am ready for the answers or the specific
things I ask for or need. I have become a much better doer of the word
as opposed to just a hearer of the word. I have realized that I will
be a doer for the rest of my life.

I know that God is aware of us and our efforts. I think that he really
does have a specific knowledge and concern for all of our struggles
and desires. I receive answers to my prayers and I know if others pray
with faith they will receive the same.

You guys are amazing!


Elder Bigelow

PS This is what my morning looks like:

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