Monday, August 4, 2014

Back in Arlington

 I have moved, I now live on Glebe Rd in Arlington VA in the Ballston
area. My new address is...something I don't know yet...I will tell you

I am back in the Bella Vista ward with Bishop Magleby, but am now
serving as a Zone Leader in the Arlington Area. I am so excited to be
back in this ward, and especially in this area. It is an awesome place
to be and I have wanted to serve here since I came to the mission. Our
area ends at the Potomac River.

Highlights of this week
-I love my new companion, His name is Elder Kirkham: he is from
Shelley Idaho, he has been a missionary longer than I have and has
also served in Bella Vista before. He is a really kind guy who wants
to work hard and he told me he has a huge coin collection at home. (I
loved my old companion too, don't worry)
-I was pretty sure I was coming back to Bella Vista but it was so
great to see everyone in church again. To put a cherry on top they
called us Sunday morning because they needed another talk. So, I gave

I have been thinking a lot about the power of love and service
recently. I have recognized small or large acts of service from people
who I don't know who love me for one reason or another leave a huge
mark on me. I never forget them, and they motivate me to do the same.
I guess what we do every day is just that. We go up to people we have
never met before that we love for one reason or another and then we
just try and serve them in any way we can. We try and give them the
gospel and if they won't accept that then we try and serve them in any
other way we can. I think when I really work hard I will be extending
the love of Christ to all I see. That is why I can be successful
regardless of whether or not people accept the message of the restored
gospel. I will leave a mark on their lives as I share with them truths
with roots to their divine nature and potential, as I act through a
love that does not originate from me or them but from Christ, and as I
let the power of the spirit lead my actions. As I let that happen by
my own consecration I will find those God has prepared for me. Because
of that I will continue to work hard to become the best missionary I
can be come to change little old Arlington Virginia little by little.

You can all do that in your own way whoever you are. Change peoples
lives because of who you are. It is always someone else's choice to
accept the light you have, but that shouldn't stop you from bombarding
them with as much as you can.

I love you all, share my love with everyone else.

Elder Bigeloooooow
Regardless of what this picture looks like I am pumped to be here.

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