Monday, August 4, 2014

Saturday Night Lights

 I dont have a whole ton of time today, so getting down to the
nitty gritty..

Highlights of the week:
On Saturday night our mission again went to a Nationals baseball game, that
was a great time. There were something like 500 missionaries at the
game because both our mission and the D.C. North Mission were both
there. I have learned that I actually love baseball, when I am at the
game. There are just a great environment to have a good time. Get me
some coke, seeds and a brat and I will be happy as a clam. I plan on
going to many more games when I get home.

-I was able to see even more old friends from this ward this week and
it was wonderful to touch base again and see how people have changed.
-We had about a million meetings this week which robbed so much of our
time and two were extra zone leader responsibilities. We pretty much
only had the night to work this entire week, and then saturday night
was stolen by the game. In other words, I am very excited to work this

On that note, I work really hard, or I try to at least. I do my very
best to be up on time if not early and that same attitude continues in
everything I do throughout the day. I want to give my all or more in
everything I do. That has led me to a lesson in humility this week.
The odds were stacked against us to have a lot of success this week.
We knew that going in, because of how little time we were going to
have to work. So, we tried to work really really diligently every
moment we had. To make a long story short we worked really hard.
Everything WE did hardly seemed to move the mountain of peoples
stubbornness and preconceptions. At the end of multiple days this week
we found prepared people, put into our path. The two tired, on their
way home, less than charismatic missionaries that hoped for a miracle
were more successful than the fired up, ready to go and show the world
what's what missionaries nearly every time.

It is not me that drives this boat. I believe that God works through
us and all we can do is choose to be a better tool in the hands of
"the creator" as one of our new friends this week so often referred to
God. I am small, puny even, in this big world. I, however, can let
great works be done through me.

I hope some day to be strong enough and committed enough to let God
work through me always.

Love// Elder Bigelow

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