Monday, August 25, 2014

Hump Week

Good morning!

Thank you for the package!

It sounds like lots is going on over in Provo Utah. It is interesting
how many things happen which it seems we have absolutely no control
over. I guess what it comes down to is how we react to those things,
because that, we do have control over. We have been spending a decent
amount of time with a guy here in our ward named Eric who is awesome.
He has a rough background of "the minority life", divorced parents,
and pretty much fending for himself since 14ish. He is 22 years old
but finally figured it out. When I was in this ward a few months a go
he was still an awesome guy but he had deflated goals and low
expectations for himself. He didn't think he could go anywhere or
really be anything life. When I came back he was totally different.
When we went over to his apartment there was a light that was so
unexplainable and distinct if you don't know what he has been doing
recently--he has been reading conference talk after conference talk.
He has been doing it as part of an online BYU-Idaho program called
Pathways, you may have heard of it. It was another testimony of the
immense power of the things that we are taught by the prophets and
apostles who we have as our guides. They are inspired.

High----lights of this week
-We bought some dark chocolate fudge brownie mix, that was exciting. I
still love brownies
-I went back to my first ward in Reston and got to visit with a lot of
old members investigators. That was a great time with a lot of
powerful lessons. It is interesting the bonds you make as a
missionary, the get strong quick.
-We met a guy named Elder Hernandez. No, he is not a missionary. He is
a cool little dude from Guatemala and we hope to be teaching his
entire family soon.
-We had a HUGE Argentinian Asado on Friday. It was GOOD. I ate a lot.
It was such a good time with such good food and such good people. We
were sat at a big home made wooden table made for events like this and
sat and served family style. Cooking like our friend Jimet did would
be a talent I would love to get. I think the main part is just buying
a lot of good meat.

This week is our third week of the transfer, out of six. That means
miracles have to and will happen for us to achieve our goals we have
set, most specifically our goal to baptize 5 people this transfer. So,
we need your prayers!

I have picked up the habit of studying an attribute of Christ weekly,
for a weeks period of time and I always start on Monday. I just
finished studying the theme of knowledge which was fantastic and
humbling and this morning while studying patience I got rocked. I AM
NOT PATIENT ENOUGH. That is a big flaw I have found I have. I can
support lots of stuff...but I get frustrated when things don't go my
way and in my time. In other words I have a lot to work on. I will let
you know how things after this next week.

I love you all, thanks for the news and the love. I appreciate it always.


Elder Bigelow

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