Monday, August 25, 2014


This week was a breakthrough, it was great. I loved it. I really
really like being a missionary. I learn lots of stuff all the time.

-We are teaching some pretty cool girls form Barcelona right now, they
are visiting family and learning english. The good news is that their
family are members of our ward and these girls have TONS of really
good questions. They actually want to learn and come closer to God.
They now like and respect us and really love to learn. That really is
what I have been praying for and wishing for, someone who WANTS to
learn. Often people just let us over because of "la palabra de
Dios"(the word of God) and they cant turn that away. Anyway, that was
naturally a highlight of my week. I also like their accent. I am
probably going to go to Spain some day.

-Remember how I have been studying patience this week? I have finally
figured it out, well, better at least. I am finally comfortable with
the Lord's time frame as a missionary at least. I will bust my butt
no-matter what happens, it is worth it.

-WE ARE MOVING THIS NEXT WEEK. Just the prospective fact was a
highlight of my week. We have been living in a decent apartment but it
has just been run down by gross missionaries for so long. I am excited
to be some where clean that I can keep clean.

-We also had a Zone Conference in which our mission president came and
taught us in a small setting. I pretty much always love listening to
him. He has got it.

The overall theme of my week and the most gratifying thing that has
been going on is i think I finally properly know how to follow the
spirit. It was kind of a sad epiphany moment because I was like,
shoot, I have missed so many miracles in my life. But, the good news
is that from here forward I will be much more conscious and desiring
to follow the spirit. I feel like I have finally come to a functional
realization of Moroni 10:5...."and by the spirit you may know the
truth of all things." I think I have finally been able to
contextualize the functioning of the spirit in all parts of my life.
It most often comes to me in a thought I feel good about. Things that
just lead me to good. It just feels like intuition. I don't know how
many times I have been taught that nor how many times I myself have
taught that, probably a million. I now, however, understand its
direction. There are all sorts of other details about how the spirit
works for me but I wont bore you with those. I just know that it is
real. I have chosen daily to follow it now and life is better that

I still have so much to work on and so much to change, but I feel much
more secure in my progression because I can find a daily guide. I love
the feeling of progression, it is exhilarating. I am excited to feel
the spirit help me to learn the truth of all things when I get home.
All things.

I love you all and hope that all is well. Send my love and thanks to all.


Elder Bigelow

ps. I got the package! it blew mind! I have so much chocolate! I will
not have to buy chocolate the rest of my mission (I shouldn't at

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