Monday, July 29, 2013

Dear Family,
We have been doing a lot of the same things. Lots of teaching, a fair amount of soccer and lots of good stories. One of the most impactful days this week was yesterday, Sunday. We had the second installment of our 3 part "teach how to share" firesides. This time we had a small presentation and showed the video "I'll go where you want me to go." You guys should go and look it up on It really is a great example of how big of a difference one family can make through their example and simple invitations, just like you are doing right now. We then had one of the presidents of our mission, President Burton, speak who focused on: how we receive revelation of who to teach, how to do it, and how to obtain the desire for it as well. I love him. He is loud, energetic, passionate, and a little crazy. He is actually a lobbyist for an oil company and has a suite on Virginia Ave. needless to say, cash money. He shouted "Abrir la Boca," literally shouted, as the way to break the ice. Be forward and frank as to who you are and your desires for your friends and family. Of course there is only so much we can do, but often love will do the rest. We then taught and showed how to share the Book of Mormon, the Proclamation to the Family, and a restoration pamphlet.
 Love you Mom, Dad, Julia, and Evelyn
Love always, Spread it where I can't,
Elder Jonny Bigelow

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