Monday, July 29, 2013

I don't have a lot of time, but know I love hearing about your trips and bike rides and everything. I will give you a little update of what is going on.

This week has been another wild week. We have been working a ton and met with all of our investigators many times. We specifically have had a lot of success with playing soccer recently. Being able to bond with the people through this thing that means so much to these people has really helped them be comfortable with coming to church and specifically with our own relationship with them.

The youth here are amazing. They are an amazing example to me and how I want to raise my children, especially in a place other than Utah. The more time I spend out here the more I want to spend more time of my life moving around a little. I definitely want to spend another year or so living out here after my mission. This area really is something special. Speaking of, I went to The Crystal House this past week. I went to Alexandria for an exchange and was able to go over. We looked for the Pentagon City Mall and then saw the park, the fire department building and then the library. It was so weird to be in that area. I didn't really remember too much, but it felt so familiar. I will go back and take some pictures to send home.
I am so sorry this is so short. Where we normally email is being remodeled so we only have a little bit of time to get stuff done.
I love you so much,
Elder Jonny Bigelow

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