Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Another Week in the life of my little ole' mission

Good afternoon family and friends!
This week has been a lot of the same runnin' around trying to teach lessons to all of the wonderful people we know and want to help. I played lot of soccer with investigators and our ward members. A lot of meetings and studies. Especially Spanish Studies, that is one of my main goals right now.
The one thing that was really special this past week was this Sunday. We had the opportunity to go to the DC Temple Visitors center twice. That place works magic! Well really it is just an absolutely amazing resource that can invite the spirit in such an amazing capacity. Because of the experiences we had yesterday we were able to help 2 people get on date for baptism this month! Our second time up we took Harrison, Christian's brother. He is amazing. He reads like crazy, says some of the best, most specific and sincere prayers. We were able to speak about the Holy Ghost and ask him some inspired questions to help him really think about the answers he has received and is always receiving. There was a moment right after we had talked about how to receive and how the power of the Holy Ghost feels. I asked him what answers he had received in the past and what his next action should be. He started to really think and was struggling with words to explain what he was feeling. In the end he basically said that these feelings of warmth, happiness and joy while his heart was beating so quickly was his confirmation that the Book of Mormon was the word of God and that he needed to get baptized.
I have still never received that kind of answer that he had last night. That burning, or warmth, or tingling, or absolute calm or enlightenment while reading, talking and or praying about the Book of Mormon. I have however felt the Holy Ghost and know what it feels like for me and I can tell when someone else is feeling it. So, I have a strong faith, a firm belief that this Church is the Church of God and that the Book of Mormon is a book of God. It is kind of weird, but that's where I am at and how it is.
Know that I am doing great and loving it. I will send more pictures soon!
Love you guys so much!
-Elder Jonny Bigelow

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