Monday, August 26, 2013

New Address

This week has been wild for me too. I got a new companion, and I am training  him. His name is Elder Facer, he is from Tennessee, no he does not have an accent and he is so good at Spanish and working hard and being obedient and desiring the best for everyone else more than himself. I love serving with him and we are going to be able to accomplish some great things together over the next 3 months. This past Sunday I gave my first talk in public. Everyone I asked said they understood everything and I only made 3 mistakes that I was able to correct. I am still sure they are lying or weren't paying attention because my Spanish really isn't that good and I was a little nervous to try and give an organized talk. I also did the confirmation of Jiulianna Cespedes which I was much more worried about than my talk, but that ended up all right too. So My Spanish is coming along. This coming week we have some large goals coming up. But through putting our faith and confidence in the guy we are doing all this work for (God) he can make it happen for us if we work hard. That was basically the topic of my talk anyways so I need to put my money where my mouth is. We will tell you how we did this coming week!
Here is a picture of my trainer, me, and my new trainee.

Much much love,
Elder Jonny Bigelow
ps My address to send things to now is 13022 Weeping Cherry Walk, apt. 204, Herndon, VA 20171-2851, and you don't have to send stuff only through Priority Mail now because that is my apartment. Please let some homies know via the blog.

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