Friday, September 6, 2013

This week has been another kicker, Lots of things have been happening. Mercedes got baptized (pictures next week) which has been basically the work of my whole mission so far. It was so amazing and so gratifying to see her finally take that step, now it is on to the rest of her family who are so close to it as well. They will be such an amazing family together in the gospel when that finally happens. 

This week someone told me I have been out on my mission for a little while now. At first I didn't believe them but then I counted and I almost have 5 months gone from home. That is pretty close to 1 quarter of my mission! I can't believe how fast it has gone already and how much I have left.

Elder Facer and I are really getting into a groove now. These next three months will also fly by and hopefully much success. I think we are doing everything right, or at least trying our best to.

My spanish is coming along, but of course much much more to go to be anywhere near fluent. I am excited to see how we do together this Christmas. I know study is key for me right now, I learn a lot just from talking but I need the backbone of solid gramatical correctness to keep me speaking well.(even though I dislike it thoroughly).

As always it seems I don't have near as much time as I would like to email people, this week we went to the Temple and shopping at sams club so it cut down our time we have to email. I will try to make it happen next week, if nothing else, expect pictures next week.

Te amo mucho, quidense mucho
Nosvemos pronto

Elder Jonny Bigelow 

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