Monday, June 10, 2013

Dear Mom and Fam,
We are doing great here and having all sorts of changes and all sorts of success. We have lots of investigators in nearly every stage of their spiritual knowledge and development. We have 3 people on date now for baptism, which is so exciting. One family (who we took to the visitors center this Sunday--Mercedes and Raul) love learning about the Gospel and know they need more in their lives. They have both said they know it's true but want to learn all the commandments first, which is what we are supposed to do anyways. The other person who has committed to a date is a guy named Christian. He is 20 and loves learning about the Gospel. It is amazing how hard he has taken a hold of the Gospel and wants to learn more. He has already changed so much and made huge efforts to change. He has stayed home from parties and turned down alcohol and drugs, all before we have even taught him all the commandments. I love teaching young people. I get to see many of the same realizations and epiphanies that I came to recently about my life, my purpose, and the Gospel. Watching that same thing happen is an amazing experience and helps me learn so much more about myself. I want to do more and achieve more and help more people change. I know that through my efforts, and the help of the Lord in His own work, those goals I have are possible.
Like always, I don't have enough time to tell you all I want to or get pictures together and all sorts. But, know that I love you, I'm working hard, and I'll try my best next week. Spread my love to whoever needs or wants it. Peace
Love Always,
Elder Bigelow

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