Monday, June 17, 2013

Week, well one of them, I don't remember Still Cookin'

This week has been killer again. We have done so much and there has been so much change, which has helped me stay in my groove. We had a new elder come up into our area and met a bunch of RM's who are selling pest control for Alterra. We are able to have splits with members (young men in the ward).  All these Spanish speaking RM's that are in our apartment complex and are even comnig to our ward now. We are able to get so much work done with all these willing members. I love it.
The other thing that I have noticed this week goes along with everything we have been able to accomplish this week. I have tried to strive for a new life goal: "Do More." This has always kind of been active in my life and I have said it before but this week it has just been on my mind always. I want to live my life in a way where I accomplish so much in all areas in my life. I want to do it with my family, my career and of course my mission where I am right now. I want to do more than others think I can do; I want to do more than I think I can do; and most especially on my mission I want to do what God knows I can do, through him. Dad has said now a couple times "Look to God and Live." I have gained a new understanding and new appreciation for this through this past week. When we do all we can for what we are pursuing whether it be a new investigator, a new career, a new song, or a new goal. If it is good for us and for others and then turn to God when we can do no more due to exhaustion or the efforts of others against us, God can shake and bake where we cannot. In the mission this is God's work not ours so he is extra sensitive and willing, I think, to lend a helping hand to bring others to Christ and to Him.
I don't have much time again, I will try to write again as well!
Love you so much!
Elder Jonny Bigelow

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