Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Virginia Bound

Jonathan is now in Virginia--Herndon to be exact.  We recently got our first email from the mission field:

Mom Dad Fam and Loved ones,
We flew into Dulles airport so we didn't really get to DC. We just saw the outskirts of Virginia. The mission president and his wife picked us up and then we went to his house for a get to know you, an interview and dinner. The next day we went to a transfer meeting and got our companions and our area assignments. I am in Herndon Virginia and have a few other towns like Reston, Sterling, and Franklin. My companion is Elder Earnshaw. He is a enthusiastic, excitable, and hard working. All are good for me to learn and work hard in my area. I love the people here and am teaching people of all sorts. I will probably stay in this area for awhile, at least 3 months, and then go to Alexandria or Arlington, both of which I would love.
Everything is going well here except the amount of spare time I have. I was gone almost all day today doing errands and going shopping getting set up and cleaning. Hardly any time to email, and the first thing I sent got deleted somehow, long story--don't worry. Next time will be better. But know I love you guys and love to hear what you are doing. I will tell you investigator stories soon! Love you lots and thank you for all the help.
Elder Bigelow

He also sent photos with the DC South Missionaries and Mission President.

"These aren't the best but here is our crew!"

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