Sunday, March 23, 2014

We play basketball at the church with a bunch of different
missionaries. We do that pretty much every p day now because we have
had so much so and often can not drive. So we find a way to get to the
church and play some b-ball. Now it is just something I like to do, so
if we don't have anything planned or anything in mind we kind of just
settle for basketball. I do want to go into d.c. And stuff but we just
haven't really had a proper opportunity. Instead I have decided to
save my trip for cherry blossom season. That is in April right? That
is what I remember. We will see though.

How has the reading, writing and service going? Every day? I have been
pretty tired this week and had some pretty exciting things this week.
One of those specifically was an amazing lesson with the Rocabado
family. We taught the restoration again from a different angle and
they finally got it. It was like a switch got flipped. As we were
teaching you could feel the spirit sneak in and the dad Jesus got a
little more focused and started listening more. At the end it clicked,
and he committed to a few things he has never properly done before. He
is reading and praying now regularly. This is saw what we have been
waiting, hoping and praying for. Once the dad gets it the whole family
will follow. I am excited to see that happen.

This week my Maxim is: "Persistence and determination alone are
omnipotent" -Calvin Coolidge

My goal is to be valiant in my service as a missionary

In other news I very well be getting transferred this Thursday. It
will be sad to go away if that is what happens. I have really come to
love this ward and area. It is weird, I have been here for almost six
months as well. Can you believe I will have been a missionary for a
year on April 17th... I am pretty sure that is the date...

I spent a lot of time writing a email focused on the atonement for the
priests in our home ward. All my spiritual insight is in their this
week. Though, along those lines I have finally found a way I like to
mark my scriptures and it has made a world of difference for my
studies. I will send a picture and explanation next week. It is quite
simple but has a lot of wiggle room and customization possibilities. I
think that is one reason I like it so much. Also, it is pretty when
done, and I want my scriptures to pretty. I hate it when they look
messy or way to cluttered. I am picky and weird like that.

 I hope you all have a wonderful week, I love you guys a lot.



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