Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Staying Put


This week was transfers, I in the same place. My companion did leave
though and I am now with Elder Ruiz. His family is Mexican but he
never spoke Spanish at home. So, he is kind of my first Hispanic
companion. He is awesome though. I am really excited to work with him
over the next six weeks. His attitude is awesome, he wants to work
himself and be 100% obedient. So that is what we are striving to do
now. Work ourselves to death, in everything we do and be 100%
obedient. There were not a whole lot of other large developments other
than transfers this week. We did have some great lessons and, I did
have some great studies(those seem to be mysteriously connected). I
spoke in front of most of the mission at transfer meeting on the power
of scripture, it was by random selection though, so I am actually
nothing special it just makes me feel good about myself. Also, it was
scary, because I had prepared a talk but forgotten it at the
apartment. I wrote an outline for my new one with my mission president
looking over my shoulder, he said he understood though.

You can tell Evelyn that I have acquired a green thumb of my own. I
have an interesting little succulent that I have named "Elder Brent".
He is great I will send a picture soon.

This week has been a week of rededication for me. I have been trying
to find things I have fallen short on in the past and making them my
strengths. I am pretty sure I only have six more weeks left here and I
want to make them the best six weeks of my mission. I guess I have
thought that before but this time I really mean it in every way. "Up
and up, no downs" that is my maxim for this week. My goal is to have
two entire families of investigators at church on Sunday. We have one,
we just need to help them all get there and we have to find another
proper family to bring to church. So, all my work this week will be
consecrated towards that.

I love you all/


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