Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Semana 51 . . . I think

So I am pretty sure next week I will have been a missionary for a
years time, or the week after that. That in itself is kind of crazy.

Other crazy thing, conference was dope. It is amazing how the more I
learn the more interesting, exciting and enlightening conference and
other opportunities like that become. I guess really it is that way
with anything. If you go into something that you have studied up on,
and already broadened your horizons, you can even further be taught
and expanded. That all goes hand in hand with something elder
Nelson said. That, "truth is inseparable." I love that. I love knowing
that everything I do and learn and love that is good is of God. It
makes me so much more excited to live my live, one that is
intertwined. Another one of my favorite talks was that of D. Todd
Cristofferson. Him talking about Christ and his resurrection was so
impressive and important to me. One of the best things was the
absolute feeling of calm and peace in the chapel where we were
watching. I came away from that being refreshed, and knowing, that
Christ is my savior, that he lives and through him I can figure stuff
out. I loved his powerful words and testimony. Another GREAT thing
about conference was that the Rocabado family (investigators) watched
both Sunday sessions and LOVED them. They got sick randomly on Sunday
morning and said they couldn't come so we were bummed about that but
then they asked, hey, didn't you say we could watch it online? I said
yes! Here is the URL... And then we hoped and prayed. We went back and
double checked with them after texting a little throughout the day.
Aleda said her favorite was Uchtdorf about gratitude and Jesus loved
Monsons about love and charity.  THEY WATCHED IT. We have been
working really hard with them to try and help them find a date to get
baptized. They just have a few obstacles left, but they are slowly but
surely coming along.

Today it is raining. We did not go to D.C. We are going next week, the
14th. Will that still be good? We tried to switch our p day but we
have too much going on, so we are going next Monday.

I will send home some cherry blossoms.

I am eating some red pepper habeñero salsa on blue corn chips right
now with some pomegranate açai naked juice. It is a good combo.

My maxim this week: show charity to all
A goal: find at least the 1 person God has prepared for me today, everyday

Hey, do you guys study preach my gospel as a family? You should if you
don't. We are doing that right now with a lot of families in our ward
on a commission from Bishop Magleby AND it works wonders. Last night
we "practice studied" with a family (all children under ten) the
apostasy and next week they are going to teach us the next principle
in the restoration lesson section. As the little boy Elvis says, "how
Joseph smith saved the day." Another great FHE idea. Maybe you could
trade of teaching principles with a tight family...like...the..
Jackson's! Or Davis's. Some thing like that. Do it!!

I love you lots and lots!

Ps did you get the package I sent? I got yours, it was amazing! Thank
you so much. I hope you liked the present mom, I am sorry it was so



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