Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Going to DC for the cherry blossoms

This week we are actually going to D.C. Finally. It is a lot harder to get things down quickly when you wave three people trying to make decisions together. But, we are on our way right now. We stopped at Mickey dee's to access the wi-fi.

This week has been a week of clarity for me. There have been many missionary life ups and downs: we had a tremendous week as a district inviting to baptism boldly and helping investigators receive baptismal dates, but somehow we did an absolutely miserable job in working with members. Go figure.

My clarity has come from the vision I have for the next year of my mission. I know who I want to be and why I want to be that way. I have many visions, goals and plans in the works to accomplish those things and I am excited to accomplish them. I know much better now how to analyze and help my district and my companions and we are already seeing great results. It is super duper official now. I definitely have less than a year left to work out here on my mission. That in part I think is where my clarity comes from. It isn't quite "last minute panic" like you mentioned in a quote that motivates creativity or something like that. I do, however, really comprehend now how fast it goes. I have been working hard for all of my mission, but if can work harder. Meaning, I have always worked, and been busy, but I can do harder things more of the time. That is what really stimulates my growth spiritually and mentally. I am excited to conquer many difficult things, and learn from those. I am excited to continue that when I get home.

My maxim this week is a spin of a quote my mission president shared with me: I will conquer myself, the mountain will come.

My goal: have 2 complete(mom, dad, children) families at church among others

I don't have oodles of time today because of this whole D.C. Business but I love you all, lots. Enjoy your spring! I will send some d.c. Pictures next week. They should be good.



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