Monday, April 28, 2014


Well it sounds like much is going on, like a lot. I guess that is often how
it is. People end their hibernation stage and begin to to do stuff again.
This week has been a week of changes for me as well. Among a number of
things one of my companions left to go fill a spot of an elder who was sent
to the hospital for heart problem and will be released this week and going
home. As with everything, that has a lot of ups and downs. We miss him, but
it is easier to function as only two. The crazy thing is I leave this area
in a week and a half to begin a new adventure in a new area. I am kind of
winding down here in Bella Vista. It is not that I am working any less hard
or that I don't love it, but it feels like it is time for some new blood in
the area. Also, as always I am feeling like some change. It seems I get more and
more anxious for that to happen

Recently I have really put a lot of time into building my knowledge of the
doctrine and of scriptures related to those basic beliefs I want to root
myself in. I really want to just have a strong foundation of testimony for
my life. The more teaching situations I am in and the more people I see who
have fallen away, the more I want to have a strong foundation of the gospel
to rely on throughout my life.

We have recently been teaching the R. family about the importance of
marriage connected with the law of chastity. They have everything else in
line to be baptized on the 24th of May, they just have to get married! We
will work with them to achieve that and then baptism will be next in line.

We did have a great time in dc this past week but unfortunately all the
cherry blossoms were dead and gone. We did see a couple cool things and had
a good walk around the mall.

I am loving my mission still and very excited to see what can happen on the
downhill run.

Love you all lots,


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