Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Good Morning

Today is a good day. I have found in the past little while that
focusing on the positive and happy rather than all I have to do and ho
 much I need to accomplish and change while still recognizing those
things and addressing them I am, believe it or not so much more happy
and positive all the time. I love good. I think that is one of the
largest reasons I love the Gospel these days, it makes me feel good.
It is a type of good that keeps on giving, it doesn't just run out. It
is a secure and stable place I can go for answers. Those answers and
that peace always takes work on my part but it is always there.

As I focus on those things my life become exponentially better.

Some of the highlights of this week include the following:

-All of our hard work is finally starting to pay off. The first fruits
are Melissa and Elizabeth. They are two girls from Spain visiting
their family. They are so great and have learned so much. It has been
a little bit of a rocky road but they are ready to be baptized. They
will be baptized on this coming saturday. We are so excited! I will
send you pictures of us next week. The most interesting part is they
are goign back to Spain on August 22nd, right after they are baptized
so we are going to do all sorts of coordinating to make sure they find
their Bishop.

-I got a new Colombian companion! His name is Elder Sepulveda, and I
tell people he is from Provo, Hawaii, Colombia. He has lived in all
those place for a decent amount of time. He is a stellar missioanry
and we are both so excited to work so hard!

-We met a guy by insisting that we were going to help him take in his
huge Costco trip. He was reluctant at first but then told us that we
could come in to talk to him for a moment. We taught him about the
Book of Mormon and what it could add to his life. He actually has
friends who are members and loves to read and loves god. He has even
spoken with missionaries before, but he said they never offered him
any material or tried to teach him, just talked to him so he wasn't
interested. But now, he is. Woo!

I feel that I still have so much to do and so much to grow. I want so
badly o influence more peoples lives for good, in bigger ways. That
effects me greatly now and for the rest of my life. mMany of my goals
and desires have morphed and developed into better things, and more my

Something that very recently has been powerful to me the classic
"through small and simple things are great things brought to pass." It
is okay if I am a little small and simple. With consistency,
diligence, desire, passion direction I can accomplish great things. I
will be keeping that it mind, especially over the next few months.

Thank you for all the love. SO MANY PICTURES, and so many good ones.

I love you all!


Elder Bigelow

 Here is my new Colombian Companion

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