Monday, September 1, 2014

Red, White and Blue

I am going to D.C. Today and will try to get some good pictures for
you guys. It should be a good time. It is going to be PACKED.

This past week was great though. Here are some of the highlights that
keep me pumped.

-We in our companionship have seen many miracles this past week
including finding an amazing American military family with 3 kids who
let us in and we had a beautiful impromptu lesson. We are going back
to give them to the Arlington English Sisters on Tuesday. I really
feel in my bones that they will be baptized. And when we invited them
they said they would be if they feel they develop a relationship as
they learn more and read the Book of Mormon. How cool is that! Really,
if that were all that I caused on my mission I think it would be worth
it. Now our goal is make a "story worth telling" happen every day. I
just want to see miracles and be able to remember them forever.

-I got to wear a luchador mask. It is straight out of Mexico and I
look. GOOD. pictures are included below

-I have found happiness in my diligence. Hard work brings me
satisfaction. I am just waiting for that clause of, "how much greater
will be your joy if ye bring many souls into me!"

-This week I had pollo a la brasa (Peruvian rotisserie chicken) three
days in a row. That is less of a highlight and more of an overload
because the flavor is so strong i have grown a little tired of it. My
abundance has caused me to become picky. I still, however, am always
enormously grateful for when members feed us.

I have felt this week my confidence in God and his will, whatever it
is, has grown greatly. I don't know exactly why, but I have a greater
sense of security. Maybe it comes from my continual experience, great
knowledge and understanding or something different all together--we
had a conversation with a guy named Chris last night that really made
me think about that. He was a previous Christian and had explored
deeply in all sorts of religions. He did this truly, genuinely,
sincerely searching for the origins of truth. Or at least that is what
I got from what he told us. The interesting part is that through this
process he has become a very "spiritual person" but still really has
no ground to stand on in security; even though he is so well studied
and has spent so much time thinking. He still believes in a great
creator and engineer of this world and some sort of messiah figure.
After thinking, I think his lack of security comes from a
lack of spiritual answers. All he wanted from us was, "proof, proof
where is your proof?" Of course there are things that I feel
indicate the veracity of living prophets and the Book of Mormon.
Really though, the thing I have learned to hold on to and continually
search for is spiritual guidance and feelings. I just feel secure as I
go through the steps of the gospel of Christ and I enjoy life so much
more on so many levels when I live the commandments and bust my behind
to become a better person. I will continue in my journey for further
knowledge and understanding. I have changed a lot in the past year and
a half and need to continue that process as well. I feel I can say now
that I know God lives and directs and loves us. Much of that direction
can be found through the living prophets and leaders of The Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. But there is still so much I don't
know nor comprehend, and that is okay. I am here to learn.

Thank you so much for all your love. I love you all! Please spread It
where it needs to go


Elder Bigelow

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