Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wednesday P-day

Good morning! Today is actually my p day. It has been a little bit of
a wait to get to Wednesday, especially on the food front. We tend to
only last about a week and have to stretch a lot of stuff if we have
to go longer than the normal seven days. Anyway, that is past and we
will do some shopping.

I have been feeling really grateful recently. That definitely has to
do with the excess of blessings we have been receiving recently. I
hope I can keep that same feeling running through my life even through
the trials that will inevitably come. I think gratitude really is the
fountain of never ending happiness. As I continually re-recognize
everything I have been given and love in my life it becomes silly for
me to even think about complaining. Sure, I have trials difficulties
and necessities, but if I am genuinely grateful in my circumstances, I
become happy. So if I ever start complaining about anything pull out
this email and tell me to get over myself and focus on the good.

Some of the particular wonderful things of this week are as follows...
-Elizabeth and Melisa were baptized! It has been a quick intense
journey for us all to get here. That was the most beautiful part about
the service. There really was so much relaxed joy that afternoon, even
though I know how many questions and doubts were deeply complicated
and studied out before they choose to take the step of faith. They are
committed to live he gospel. It is just a good feeling to see that.
Here is a quick pic with them before the baptism with their aunt.

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