Monday, October 6, 2014

Week of Sep 22

Another Week Gone By

This week was a good one. I think all my weeks are pretty good ones now. I just like being a missionary. I have grown to love it a lot. It did go rapidly fast though. That has also become a norm. Every week just flies by. I blink and it is over. This week was just like that.
highlights of this wildly fast week were some of the following....
-We had our very last lesson with Elizabeth and Melissa last night. It was amazing to see them as they prepare to go back to a world where no one knows them as Mormons. They talked a lot last night about how they are excited and happy to go and share the gospel with their friends and family that they love. They are SOOOOO different now in so many great ways. I didn't ever know that I would be able to see the difference in someone's face, but you really can. They are bright or shiny or something different. I am excited to keep in contact with them and help them in their efforts to share the gospel in Barcelona.
- We met Juana and her family after a kind of reluctant let in that we really had to persist for we taught an amazing lesson. After prodding and probing for what doubt she had in her head she started asking questions. Then she blew up, asking every doubt it seemed she had had locked away for a long long time. She then asked the question, "wait, so did revelation stop or did it continue? can people receive direction from God today?" --BAM-- then we taught her the restoration. We are going back to answer the q's she will have about the Book of Mormon on Wednesday.
-On Friday while trying to find people to talk to in the morning we saw this guy stumble running towards us from down the street--no shirt on. We said, "he's hammered". He got to us looked us straight in the eyes, and confirmed our suspicions. He proceeded to tell us that he wanted us to come over and hang out, that we really needed to borrow my backpack, that he should really put a shirt on etc. We kinda had to run away. Nice guy though.
I have learned this week a lot about persistence. There is power in persistence, in never giving up. Anything is possible with determination. You may fail over and over and over and over and over again, but one day you will make it. One day, what you have been working for will become yours, and yours to share.
I love all of you! thank you for being so great. I will talk to you soon

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