Monday, October 6, 2014

Week of Sep 29

Hello all, I hope things are going great.

I have been really pleased recently with the change that I have seen
in me, in my area, in my ward and in my zone.
I read a quote today by FDR's wife, Eleanor? while in DC that said
something along the lines of," having his illness taught him two
things--endless patience and relentless persistence."
I think those are the things that have made the difference in all of
the areas I mentioned above from everyone involved.
Perseverance is a hard thing but I think it will really bring me
happiness in my life. It is gratifying and filling. It changes me and
others as I continue to work to endure.

In other news, we have been practicing our teaching a lot recently to
try and become better at asking questions. Questions are a powerful
thing. They motivate thought, change hearts and bring the spirit. The
more I focus on every individual I see I the happier I become and the
more successful I feel. The power is in the one! focus on them. I love
how it makes me feel.

I am sorry for the short scattered thoughts today. We rode bikes down
to dc today, it was great. I loved it. We rode all over the mall and
got a tour of the Kennedy Center. Didn't you play there a couple of
times?  I figure if not, then you definitely went to some concerts
there. Enjoy the pictures!


Elder Bigelow

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