Monday, October 6, 2014

General Conference

General conference was great! I hoped you all loved it too. It was amazing to be connected through a common stream to so many people from so many nations and in so many languages. Conference brings back a lot of memories of times past.  This conference was a little bitter sweet, about half way through I realized it will probably be my last as a missionary. The time for me has gone so darn fast, i am not sure how it has been for you though. I am happy I still have six months left to get some more stuff done. I know it will go by in blink of an eye, I think in retrospect nearly everything looks like that. I am grateful that I have the time to live and serve that I do right now. I really want to kick its butt.

I am really excited for the fast paced working 100% of time drive for my fourth quarter.

-This week was jam packed with meetings. We had to plan a significant amount for 3 of them and then we got to sit back and relax and be taught for some of those. I have become really comfortable in being up in front of many people to teach and train. It was a miracle how well I was able to train in spanish this week too, because all the spanish missionaries got together. My companion said I sounded like an educated Puerto Rican! I have no idea if that is really good or not, but at least it is not "white guy."

-Yesterday while in conference we got a text from a wonderful women named Lesly who has been taught for a long time and is just waiting on divorce papers so she can continue progressing who had an amazing miracle due to conference. She told us..."I now have it confirmed to me that Thomas S. Monson is a Prophet of God." We said, WOOOOO. She has been working on that for a little while and we are pumped she received that confirmation.

-We knocked into a young man the other week who happens to be a member of a less active family in another ward. He was sort of interested, but he came to conference with a young man in the ward, and now he is pumped on church! He even came to priesthood all dressed up. We love when peoples hearts change.

I loved being able to focus for a moment on personal revelation. I hope that you loved it too. A spiritual extravaganza is usually followed by some sort of call to action. I personally received all sorts of calls to action, to change this and that, to focus more on a particular challenge I have and to think with the future in mind. I hope that you will all join me in a renovation of promise and commitment. It seems that we as human beings need this "renewings" of things we should be doing all the time. But that's okay, that is why we have them, so we actually do what we need to!

I am so grateful for second chances and change. They make my world go round, I would be SOOOO stuck without them.

I hope you love them too.

Lots of Love from Elder Bigelow

 ps. a nice thought from one of my favorite sister missionaries brought about by conference
Science is cool, I guess. I am a fan of rhetoric, logic, philosophy, and intellectual inquiry. But, and thank goodness, my knowledge of truth comes through the Holy Ghost from an all-knowing and all-loving God. --Sister Walker

OOTHHHERRRR PICTURRSREss from my companion

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