Thursday, November 6, 2014

Oct 14

Good Day!

So, I am now in Annandale as I had previously commented. The move was fine, and I love the new area. The ward is bumpin' and I have another great new companion. His name is Elder Erickson, he is from Arizona, loves to sing and has one more transfer in the mission than I do. We are both experienced and driven missionaries so I really hope that lots of magic happens here. I know that we will be able to accomplish a lot.

-Some highlights of this week were first meeting this great little kid named Gabriel who was baptized on Saturday. He loves the church in its most basic form and more than anything can truly recognize his relationship with his Heavenly Father. The best part about that is that he got baptized to try and make his relationship better. Next is that is rather less active mother is on her way back because of her little sons example.

-I have come into the ward where everyone seems pumped on missionary work. It is amazing and almost unbelievable. We have received references, members are so down to come out to lessons with us and we even get fed a ton. I am so motivated by their drive and want to serve them the best I can

-At church we just finished a little eventful but overall calm fast and testimony meeting where we meet this guy who had been sitting the couch during the whole sacrament meeting. A member came up and told us, "I have no idea who this is but he said his friend sent him here..." We met him and it turns out he is SWEET. His name is Eoris and he is from the Dominican Republic. He loved church and wants to meet with us on this coming Wednesday. He has a true desire to learn and has real questions. On top of that he has a relaxed sing songy droll of the Caribbean. Which I LOVE. I think I will probably go to the Caribbean to speak some Spanish for a while.

There are so many other great things going on in our area. I feel like I don't even deserve them. IT is crazy to come somewhere where all sorts of things are happening. That has never happened to me in my mission so far and it is so exciting! I think that might be the point though, as I have worked hard for a long time I have finally been blessed with the magic I have faithfully waited for.

I really do love this work. I love work. I love progression and I love seeing people figure out things for themselves.

I want to continue to change and give more and more of myself while I still have time. Can you imagine what could happen If I leave it all on the field while I am supported by God through all these members? I hope to see the results I dream about. That is what I will work for.

Love you lots.
-Elder Bigelow

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