Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Firstly thank you all so very much for the gifts! My birthday was
wonderful, due to your love and lots of great people here. 

I have been thinking I know a thing or two about being a missionary
recently. I have even more recently realized the vast expanse of
knowledge I haven't even touched yet. I have so many more reasons to
be humble, rather than prideful in what I have learned and do do well.

I am extremely grateful for everything I have around me to help me learn.

I am sorry I am a little without words this week, for now at least. I
have been doing a lot of thinking recently but I don't know really how
to convey anything useful home. For now anyway. We are on our way to
the library of congress right now, so if I think of anything extra
good there I will write it up.


Elder Bigelow

So excited to open them! Valene sent me a package too.-- you all would
be so proud. I even waited until my actual birthday.

I am not quite sure how I forgot, but I remembered what I was going to
write you about this week... The Salazar girls got baptized! Andy and
Aury were baptized this past Saturday. It was tremendously small and
pretty private. The two extremely reserved girls didn't want many
people to come. It was a really special experience. Mostly because of
the preparation, work and care that it took the dad to baptize them.
He had to wait a little. We were involved but really it was all up to
him. He did an amazing job.

When they were baptized the simplicity of the process was so powerful
to me. All the the lead up was evident went they went down into the
water. I don't think I have been at a more powerful or passionate
baptism. For me at least.

Also, we just went to the library of congress after we had gotten our
library cards. We went and read a first edition copy of the Book of
Mormon. It was owned by some guy neither my companion or I knew but
Martin Harris and joseph smith had signed it. So that was pretty

We are on our way home now so, I will talk to you next week!


Elder Bigelow

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