Thursday, November 6, 2014

Oct 20

Highlights of the week:

-someone at church thought I was from Puerto Rico after I bore my
testimony last week.

-we started teaching the Dominican guy that came to church out of
nowhere and he feels a love and support that he has never felt in his
life before. He recognized the spirit and wants to change so he can
have more of it in his life.

-We went to the Masonic Memorial thing in Alexandria last pday. It was
crazy, and pretty cool. We went on a tour and learned all about their
clubs within their clubs and just all sorts of stuff. The coolest
thing was learning about the origins of the organization and why it

I realized the other day how much time I really have left in my
mission. It is nothing, it will be over so soon, so fast, so quickly.
I really want to give everything  before it is over. I felt really
good at the end of this week, numerically it wasn't the greatest but I
felt really accomplished. I think I finally totally know what feeling
satisfied with my work is like. We really worked hard in the ways that
we have been asked to. Or course there are so many things we messed up
in and so many ways we can improve but we really worked hard. It was a
coinciding of my understanding and my willingness to give more of
myself. I want to see miracles and I know they will come.

One of my favorite talks this past conference was the skier guy. Elder
Kacher talked about currents in our lives and how we can let them take
us to the highest heights or to the bottom of a deep dark ocean. I
know that as I continue to try and let this good current take me where
I need to go I can be made whole in my service as a servant of God. I
can be made into something that I cannot become on my own. That is
really what I want. I want to be powerful for Him.

Thanks for being great, and thank you for the pictures from Henry's
thing. If you see him at Harmony any day wish him my best.

Love you lots!


Elder Bigelow

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