Thursday, November 6, 2014

Oct 28

Yesterday was a really, really good day.

We had a half mission conference with a man named Elder Kopischke. He
taught me a lot and he invited the spirit in a way that taught me a
whole lot more. The German, Elder Kopischke, taught me that. He taught
me, Jonny Bigelow, to relax, to loosen up and be okay with my
shortcomings, and to STRIVE to become better. He invited the spirit to
teach me that ME is what the Lord wants, and he wants me to be ME. I
hope that makes sense. I feel liberated in a whole new way that I have
never perfectly felt before. He invited me more fully to use my
freedom to choose to create a better life for the good person I
already am. He taught me through his yielding to the spirit its
absolute power and authority in this work.

I have recently learned that more important that my recognizing of my
weaknesses is my consistent striving to slowly but surely become a
better me. One day at a  time. This gospel is much more a thing of
hope than that of condemnation. It is of light and peace not of
overwhelming tasks. All the dark, heavy and worrisome things are true
but much more important is what we can gain if we choose Christ.

It is all about choice. My life is all about choice. I will do my best to
live my life within a given frame to be the best me I can be.

That was one of the highlights of my past week, and of my mission. I
don't have a whole ton of time to tell you about it right now but I
wrote it down in my journal and will write even more down, so you can
ask me later.

Concerning the things you write about in the email, you are great. I
love your emails and they do not make me homesick. They make me happy.
Facebook, you don't really communicate with me on facebook so its not
a problem. Just don't start tagging me in stuff or making not gospel
centered comments on my stuff that I post (I don't think you will, so
you don't have to worry!)

What do I need on my mission? AKA things I might receive on my
birthday....:) ----Craisens and Roasted Almonds. Another cool journal,
I am almost done with the red one. And I still longingly miss my
dear Arc'teryx Atom jacket, it was the bomb. But, really, I have everything I need other than that, and those
things are pretty wanty.

You are great, keep being great.

Elder Bigelow

ps. you can show this to the crew. I love this shirt.  THANK YOU by the way, one of the
dopest packages a missionary could ask for.

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