Thursday, November 6, 2014

Nov 3

Today I am happy, again.

I love being happy. I love being peaceful and I love understanding.

Those are some of the main reasons I think I have come to love the
gospel. As I continue to study I continue to find answers and develop
a stronger relationship with my Heavenly Father. Of course I continue
to have and unearth new questions and curiosities but I am confident
that in time all things will be brought to my understanding.

Many of these things I owe to how I have been raised and what I have
learned throughout my life.  One of the people we have been teaching
for the past few weeks is finally starting to really understand how he
gain can the same sort of understanding. He came to church for the
first time yesterday. We challenged him earlier this week to write
down a personal question to bring to church with him. We promised him
that if he did so and was attentive to the spirit during church he
would receive an answer. We asked him after the services how it went
and he told us they answered his question 4 times! We were pumped! He
is starting to have a lot of the same experiences while reading the
book of mormon on his own. The thing that is so amazing about this is
that he is finally becoming spiritually self-relient. That is the
process I have gone through and am still working on. It has been so
great to help him through that same thing, because he started at
basically 0. You really do learn a lot while teaching.

Watching him receive a testimony has turned me to think a little bit
more about the "daily bread" videos again from Elder Cristofferson.
Daily spiritual nourishment really does/can make all the difference.
Small revelatory experiences day after day can bring us to a higher
plane of understanding.

This past week was packed with meetings, long ones too! We have three
more this week two of them really long. In my job in real life, I
would prefer not to have so many six hour meetings. This whole foreign
service thing sounds more and more appealing ever day... I think I
want to go to africa and learn french. :)

You are all number one!


Elder Bigelow

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