Monday, February 16, 2015

Week of Feb 9--Fast

This week has been one of the fastest weeks I have lived I think. I
hardly remember it. All I remember was working hard with little
results. But then looking back, we have finally seen progress this
week. We were able to find some really cool people, and make some
great connections.

I'll tell you one of the stories:

First: osvaldo, nelly and joel

We have been trying to diversify our finding techniques to try and
find prepared people. We have in the past tried many things but one
thing we had not done was focusing just on potential and former
investigators. In this process we blocked off an entire night to
check these types of people. After many failed attempts we found a guy
who said his son was a member and a returned missionary.  So we go and
knock the door. A jolly looking Bolivian opens the door and we ask him
if Osvaldo is there. We got in and started talking, we found out he is
actually a member, it's just he hasn't gone to church in about 25
years! He said he has become catholic again for his wife and his son
isn't really baptized anywhere we think... The best news! He has SOOO
many questions, and they are all sincere. His first question was,
"where does God come from, like did he start somewhere?" He had so
many other questions from things like how can I know how the spirit
talks to me to what do I have to do to get baptized... He loved coming
to church and mostly because he liked learning, not for the people,
but I think he liked that too. He is thirsty for knowledge of God that
his parents have neglected to give him over the years due to their
grueling seven day a week work schedule. They all love us and all seem
to have a hidden curiosity to find out more, or rediscover a buried
testimony. We are excited for them.

Anyway, I love you. Time is FLYING


Elder Bigelow

Ps. I thought you'd enjoy one of my new "changing of behaviors." Or at
least that is what I call them. Every time I am scared to do something
or feel like I am prompted to do something I am tempted to rationalize
away I say "scared" and my companion pushes me to go do whatever I am
thinking about. It has made a few interesting situations. If a good
story happens of it this week I will let you know!

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