Thursday, February 5, 2015

Week of Feb 2

This week has been a good one. We have been working hard with on and
off results, but wonderful things have been happening. It is
interesting how much work and perhaps testing of faith goes in to one
miracle. We sometimes will knock doors and talk to people in the
street for a whole day with no "results." Later something always
happens, but I have learned to enjoy the ride, love the work and
appreciate my personal growth as I go through challenges.

Some of the highlights from this week-

-last night was nothing but good it was a build up of all our effort
throughout the week. Everything fell through so we decided to go and
try previous investigators and potentials from previous missionaries.
Our records said that it was a man who's son was a member in Bolivia
and even went on a mission! We knocked and he opened, we asked for the
name we had written down. He said that person wasn't there anymore and
has gone back to Bolivia.(he lied, it was actually him) after that he
decided to let us in and told us who he really was. We got down into
the nitty gritty with his relationship over the years and he said he
is actually a member, baptized more than 30 years ago but has "gone
back" to being catholic because of his current wife. So the story gets
longer and more complicated so I will just tell you that he invited us
back, his son who is not a member is down to learn, so is his wife.

-on Saturday we were finally able to get into contact with Anthony. He
was taught be missionaries pretty seriously like 6 months ago and even
had a day he was planning to be baptized on. When we talked to him at
first he wasn't really interested and said he hD no time. We were
finally able to get in and sit down and have a real discussion. As we
were able to really identify his needs and address them he opened up.
He decided he does need Gods guidance stronger in his life. He also
decided that the best way to start that relationship up again was
1.reading the bible 2. Meeting with us 3. Reading the Book of Mormon.
3 of our favorite things! We are excited to keep teaching him.

We went to dc today. It was fun because we got to go to some of my
favorite museums. The hirshorn and the American history museums. They
were both cool but we BLASTED through them. Seriously so fast. I
decided that a cool museum might be a test for my girlfriends to check
their cool scale. Check out how they handle themselves in museums.
They will have to meet the equilibrium. They might want to spend
WAAAAAAY too long or not even want to be there. We will see though.

The biggest lessons I learned this week were in patience, charity,
hard work, diligence and finding fun in all of them.


Elder Bigelow

It was a pretty, windy day

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