Monday, January 26, 2015

Week Jan 26

It will be weird to go home and not to my room and into our back yard,
etc. etc. I will definitely have to ask the new owners for a walk
through tour of the new place, and most certainly the back yard. It is
weird how you get sentimentally attached to things. Just because you
use something over and over or you are repetitively somewhere you
begin to love that thing or place, and that is only quickened when
accompanied by good company and positive atmosphere. The good news is
that we already have that at the Maglebys house. Heck, we even lived
there for a while. But I guess it will be home soon enough.

I feel I have acquired much of the same love for this place and this
time I have had on my mission. I think most importantly and most
deeply I have created an attachment to the Gospel and the enabling
power I feel as I put in effort to come closer to God (Their evil plan
worked!). I will tell you one of the experiences that happened
recently that has helped me develop that deeper connection.

Monday--We are leaving the Gonzalez's house from a dinner and family
home evening. As we are leaving a women says. "Hey, are you on your
missions?" "Yes" we say. She said, "would you like to come in for
something to drink? You'll never convert me but I have some questions.
I have a friend who is a member and is such a good person. I didn't
want to ask her questions because I didn't want her to think I think
she is crazy." Her first question was about our view of Christ as the
very Son of God. She heard we didn't believe that stuff. We explained
that that was wrong and were actually able to help her build her
understanding of his divine sonship and what that really means for all
of us. She was a little surprised but pleased it seemed. She then
started with all sorts of other questions and ideas she has developed
over time swimming in open water Christianity tryiing to find answers
her Childhood pastors could never answer. We were able to share so
many scriptures from the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants
and even Joseph Smith History that were able to either outright answer
her questions or help her come to a conclusion that she has spent
years of thought and study over which is really just in 2nd Nephi. We
ended our lesson asking her if she would convert if she felt that God
wanted her to. She said, "probably." I asked her what would impede her
from being baptized, she said, "well I would have to read a lot more
to find out if it was true!" We said we would love to help her through
that process and she agreed to meet again.

This all happened by the way to an educated white person who from
direct outside appearance people might deem: already religious, not
receptive, not interested, not prepared, too skeptical, not willing
and a whole mountain of other things. What made it more amazing is it
was a members neighbor. I am convinced there are people in every nook
and cranny of the world who with a little love and a little touch of
the spirit will open up and at least be willing to listen. Then, it is
their choice to choose to act or not.

I love my mission. I love my job. I love you and I will see you pretty soon!


Elder Bigelow

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