Monday, January 5, 2015

Week of Dec 22

I am really grateful today. I have so many resources at my disposal
for learning, just concerning the gospel. There are so many words in
books and talks and gathered teachings that so far, as far as I want
to go in nearly all of my questions and curiosities, I can find
answers. As I investigate for myself and for others, I receive clarity
of understanding. That is not to say it comes immediately or that it
is extremely easy. It takes of my time, effort, thought and faith. i
am grateful to have learned that here in Virginia. I am sure that I
will find many more questions along the way and if I soldier it out
with time, effort, thought and faith, I'll be able to make it through.

My experience that brought this all about was just simple curiosities
and questions per usual and realizing the amazing resource of
knowledge and wisdom that books are. It helped that today we went to
the capital building as well as the library of congress again. It was
another good realization for me about the power of knowledge. With
that being said, I don't think I will study for 16 years of my life in
university like you did mom but I will be a lifetime reader and
learner. Hooray for books! There is so much power in words.  That was
one of the things that was impactful to me recently while reading in
Ether. All the hullabaloo at the beginning is so they don't become
"confounded." There is power in confusion, and there is power in
clarity of thought. I intend to try and maintain myself well-informed
through the rest of my life.

Cool experiences in trying to bring "entendimiento" to people this week.

Best one. We had a cool lesson with Oscar who has been trying to
receive an answer about everything we have been teaching him. He has
been reading and praying for a few weeks a lot but still doesn't feel
like he has ever felt the spirit reading the Book of Mormon. We taught
him about fasting and did one together this past Sunday, his first
time at church. He was only able to stay for sacrament and we haven't
been able to get in contact with him since. But he left with a big
smile on his face. We hope that is a good sign.

Anyway. I am out of time due to going to the Capitol today. It was
amazing. The more I re-learn since high school about American history
and government/politics the more I think I wouldn't mind being
involved in some way, shape, or form.

So, moral of the story, go read a book I am not allowed to read right now.

I love you all! Have a wonderful day and Happy Holidays!


Elder Bigelow

Ps. I sent something for Christmas. You may or may not get before the
big day. I hope you do!
Pps. About the call on Christmas Day. I think we will be doing it
around ten o'clock our time, but I will call or text on Christmas Eve
to confirm. Sound good?

They have a big ole' Christmas tree in the library of congress now.

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